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Saturday, January 3, 2009

So pretty....and so irritating! My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks

To my knowledge My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand which offers very popular sheet masks in tons of different variations for all types of skin.

Since I am a total sucker for sheet masks I decided to order the Lavender Provence Masks (10 piece box...supposedly calming!) and the big Xmas special set which contains 23 sheet masks in 11 different variations & a special Platinum Nano mask.

To my greatest horror the masks made my skin go crazy with a very strong allergic reaction I didn't experience for about 3-4 years now!
My skin is generally sensitive, but it got much better in the previous years so I could use almost all the stuff I tried out (all those BB Creams, foundations, powders, blushes didn't cause many problems).

I used the Lavender Provence mask and found my skin being itchy and rough and full of red patches the next day. I wasn't sure what to blame it on as I also used a Mandom moisturizer for some days when the allergic reaction happened.
I used cortisone cream for 3 days till my skin was fine.

A few days later I tried the Natto Mask at night and my skin felt so smooth and moisturized afterwards (I didn't use any other product that evening). However in the middle of the night I woke up to an itchy rough mess again so I quickly went to wash my face and apply the cortisone cream again for 3 other days *sigh*.

I have to be very careful with cortisone as my skin was addicted for some time about 5-6 years ago and it took well quite a few months to get rid of the cortisone acne (it's not really an acne, but it's the formation of red bumps due to the absence of cortisone...believe me the urge to put on more corisone was really hard as it makes skin so pretty instantly). My skin was really bad at that time due to using a certain brand of skin care... even though I always had had beautiful clear skin without any pimples or so but the products messed it up so bad so I used cortisone nearly daily for some time leading to even more problems on the long run.

Anways, now my skin is fine again and I will not bother with the My Beauty Diary masks again as I am probably allergic to some ingredient(s) they all have in common. I am not willing to try this out and get the itchies again!

It's a pity as the masks smell good and feel really nice when on =(

I paid US$12.95 & shipping for the 10-piece box of the Lavender masks and US$25.95 & shipping for the Xmas set.


birkinbagbeauty said...

I also bought one Beauty Diary Sheet mask from bobodave, but it was not very succesful for me either. However, I thought that would be just me because my skin is quite sensitive right now...

Eliza said...

Oh! I love the My Beauty Diary masks! I really liked the yogurt and red wine ones. It sucks that they reacted on your skin!

watercoloursky said...

That sucks when you get a major reaction to something! I had a reaction to a korean brand as well so now I'm quite wary of sheet masks unless they have ingredients in English on the packaging!

aichaku-愛着 said...

I feel for you!!! I have the same type of skin ... it's hard to recover without the cortison. Those face masks do look so pretty and sound so promising, sorry it didn't work out for you.

Christina said...

OMG! That's scary! I almost wanted to try it out. My skin is still recovering from usage of BHA.

btw, I got to know your website thru Mag's webby. I like you site, very informative. =)

Sonia said...

May I ask, where did you order these? Luckily my skin won't get irritated so easily and these mask are just superb for me.

Kathi said...

I purchased from ebay seller alphabeautyuk. Bobodave has these, too!

Anonymous said...

crap. i've just ordered 40 sheets of MBD!

i was allured by the glowing reviews. my skin is sensitive too.

lavender oil is sensitizing component. i dont know bout you but i've always stay away from lavender (i didnt order the lavender MBD).

now im just crossing my fingers, hope it;s not money down the drain!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I read alot of Taiwan & HK bloggers raving about this brand & was wondering whether I should get Taiwan or HK frens to sent some over to me to try out! After reading about your experience, I don't think I want to try as I suffers from rocasea.

Steffi said...

I've been reading the comments above. Just wanted to say that people should not be scared to try it out! Everyone reacts my own opinion MBD is great for my skin! It's unfortunate you have allergic reactions to it. Maybe it could be the fragrances that are in the masks?

Anonymous said...

hun these look like they may be fakes and that could be the reason - check out the link here cos yours dont seem to have the raised mark in the bottom right corner?

Anonymous said...

i agree with bex, these ,might be fake..

Anonymous said...

is lavender a common ingredient? lavender is in a lot of skin care products, but is something you don't ever want to put on your skin.

k said...

Many ppl are raving about my beauty diary mask and it sounds so promising so i tried them,the white pearl and the black pearl, and the result is either big pimple or red spots on my face the next morning>.< I dont have sensitive skin and this is my first time i have allergy reaction to a skin care product...>.>so i think MBD really irritate skin quite easily ...

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I tried both Black Pearls masks and Natto masks, purchased in a beauty store (so I'm pretty sure they're not fake..) and I loved the natto mask!! I have dry/sensitive with oily T-zone combi. skin and i've been using natto mask once a week at night, my skin feels great the morning after!!

Unknown said...

This is such a shame about the masks! I just bought a few too and am trying them out soon. Hopefully it will not break me out as it did with ur skin. Great blog! I'm ur newest follower.


- Angie - said...

Dear god, sensitive skin ppl should really not try this? Oh dear. Maybe lavender or any flowery or scented prdts is really not good. ...
Wishing you good luck in finding the prefect sheet mask for you!

Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction. The redness and itch lasted a week.... Any idea which ingredient causes that?

Anonymous said...

Where did you order your masks? Some of the other commenters mentioned it but they might be fake... I recently bought some masks from a local beauty store and realized they were fake after opening them and getting suspicious. It was my first time getting masks too! :( They were the wrong shape texture and smell and without the raised numbers. It felt horrible on my skin even though it was only a few seconds and I scrubbed it ilke crazy.

Though, if you bought yours off sasa they should be legit? Good luck finding a better mask!

Anonymous said...

oh just kidding! Just realized that you found they were authentic and this is an old post, sorry about that

(previous anon)

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