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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring 2009: Coffret D'or Shine Drape Rouge

Seems currently I am reviewing so many lipsticks lol! That's just coincidence, other interesting items like blushes and eyeshadows will be reviewed soon =D

The Coffret D'or Spring 2009 collection isn't really that appealing to me as none of the eyeshadow quads looks interesting enough to order. I don't know why but none of the colors looked attractive enough to purchase one of them.

But I have always been a fan of T'estimo's lipsticks and since Coffret D'or is its revamped and renamed alter ego I accumulated quite a few of the Coffret D'or lippies and found them just as nice as T'estimo's.
So I decided to get 2 of the new Spring "Shine Drape Rouge" lipsticks when I found them on adambeauty.

The Shine Drape Rouge lipsticks come in 2 variations: Color and Glow. That's the system Coffret D'or used already in their previous lipsticks and they kept it.
As you can imagine the Glow series offers sheerer but shimmery and glossy colors whereas the Color range offers more vivid pigment and colors.

What I really adore are the new slightly more elaborate tubes the Shine Drape Rouge comes in. The other lipsticks come in super boring silver tubes but the new ones just look more elegant and feminine.
The cap of the Glow range is made of smooth mirror-finish silver whereas the Color lipsticks come with matte metal caps.

I think the texture of the 2 variations differs a bit. The Glow Rouge is more sheer, buttery soft, moisturizing with a glossy and shimmery finish.
The Color lipsticks are creamy but not as soft, moisturizing and buttery as the Glow ones and they surely carry a bit more pigment.

Both lines are pretty nice but I think I prefer the Glow range due to the super pretty shimmery and glossy finish which gives an almost wet sparkly finish.

As far as I can judge based on the swatches provided online and the sampler I have here the colors are mostly flattering soft pinks, beiges and roses. Japanese brands are generally sticking with safe pretty natural colors which is great for me as I always can choose out of lots of beautiful and wearable colors.

The colors are:

PK237 (Glow):

A soft sheer pink with fine golden shimmer. It looks warmer and brighter in the tube but due to its sheerness it applies like a light cool pink on me.

RS252 (Color):

A medium mauve rose with slight golden shimmer

I paid US$27/each incl. shipping from adambeauty which is a steal considering these retail for 3150 Yen (about US$35)
Adambeauty only lists a limited variety of colors though. Gooddealer sells these for a bit over US$25 & shipping and handling so you will end up paying about US$30 or so (not too bad).

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Cheryl said...

omg pk237 look so lovelyyy! i saw it at fuz's blog and has been lemming for it. now you're making me even more desperate for it! *sigh* when will it reach our shores (singapore) ? :(

Anonymous said...

Im just wondering, How do you affort all this makeup?

You have really pretty lips btw! The lippies look really moisturising, nice!

Anonymous said...

you have the most amazing lips seriously! i don't ever see any bad colour on you, ever!!!

love all! and give me your lips!

Anonymous said...

I felt exactly the same way about the new Coffret D'or eyeshadow quads. I ended up picking up a Shine Drape Rouge (Glow) in RS-251 instead, just for the pretty packaging, although the product is nice, too.

Unknown said...

i thought your lips were models wow ahaha

fuzkittie said...

Yayy PK 237 is so pretty on you. You have such nice perfect lips! What do you use to care for them?

Kathi said...

Hi Cheryl,
it's a pretty color, isn't it? I adored how it looked on Fuz's lips as her camera was able to capture the watery shine so well!

Hi amiracle-suefi,
I think it's my own business how I afford my cosmetics hence I will not discuss it. Makeup is pretty much the only hobby I splurge on, I don't go out, don't drink, don't buy expensive clothes and accessories =)
My kids are always dressed well and have enough to eat and play with and I don't have any debts so I can spend my money on the things that make me happy. To each her own!
The lippy is really moisturizing, definitely worth trying out!

Hey Jojoba!
Look who's talking! You have the most gorgeous full lips! Mine are actually uneven as my lower lip is quite a bit wider than my upper =) It's one of the few things I definitely inherited from my dad hehe (I wish I would had gotten his beautiful blue eyes, too! *sigh*)

Hi Sandra,
yea, the palette look too pastel for my liking! The lippies are so nice though! =D

Hi Minsun!
Awww, thanks! you're too sweet! =D

Hi fuz,
you have such gorgeous lips yourself! I slather on various lip balms like Tony Moly, Happy Bath Day, Lunasol Lip Essence. I have lip balms spread all over the house lol!

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