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Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring 2009: RMK Spring Translucence

As promised here are now my reviews/thoughts on a few of the new RMK Spring items.

The products I got are:
-Translucent Cheeks & Eyes 01 (retail 5250 Yen)
-Translucent Eyes 05 Translucent Gray
(retail 3575 Yen)
-Irresistible Lips C #25 Shiny Coral Beige
(retail 3150 Yen)

First off I have to rant about RMK's compacts. I just hate the super shiny mirror-finish which just looks like a smeary mess after touching it and is a pain to photograph. I know it's somewhat stylish but it just annoys me hehe.

-Translucent Cheeks & Eyes 01:

This was the item that attracted me most but it's probably the most disappointing one of the lot. It's a pretty little blusher compact (The flower theme is very cute!) but it's just not really that special or gives any oomph as it's a very light sheer (well, that's the "Translucence" theme) color. I have probably 10495940 similar pinks from other Japanese brands that are like 1/3 of the price.

The palette is supposed to be used on cheeks and eyes. The 2 eye colors are the lilac on the bottom right and the pale pink next to it. These 2 colors have shimmer whereas the rest of the colors are on the matte side.
The eye colors are pretty but I don't use pastels on my lids as they totally wash me out I can wear these 2 colors with some darker crease color but all in all I don't see much use of them so for me this is rather a blusher palette.

The color I achieve from swirling my brush across the compact is a pretty soft pink with a very light sheen but it takes me about 5 layers to see the color.
I really like the color that comes out but honestly I don't think this palette is worth the 5250 Yen (about US$59!) price tag at all!
I paid US$44.90 incl. shipping

-Translucent Eyes 05:

When I first swatched this I was quite disappointed with the total lack of pigment in the gray shade and was sure this would get a negative review from me.
But I have learned that testing something with my finger on bare skin can totally differ from using a brush on a primed eyelid.

The compact the Translucent Eyes comes in is really tiny, not much bigger than an RMK single shadows or a blusher (I think it's the same size even). I somehow imagined the eyeshadow duo bigger but I won't complain now as I don't use up shadows anyway so smaller compacts don't bother me really.

There is a smaller stripe of the highlighter color which is shimmery. The darker color has a very strange smooth and sheer texture but can be picked up well with a brush. The colors are very blendable and soft and look pretty worn together. I wore this for many hours today and it still looked fresh when I removed it.

I used the gray on my lids and blended it upwards with the pink worn on the rest of my eye up to my brows
According to my friend Iris from Rouge Deluxe the light pink highlighter is supposed to be used on top of the pastel gray but I a not so much into layering usually.

The colors are a soft silvery light gray and a sheer shimmery petal pink.
There are 4 other duos, all with a pink highlighter and a soft light color.
Retail is 3675 Yen = approx. US$42 (I paid US$34.99)

-Irresistible Lips C #25 Shiny Coral Beige:

I had a few RMK lippies around some time ago but didn't like them. They were drying and the colors were off (one was called "beige pink" and was a horrid bright matte orange on me).
The pic of the new Spring color #25 was very pretty and it was only US$21.99 on Facial-Shop (while this retail for 3150 Yen = approx. US$36) so I added it to my order anyway.

I am so glad I got this as this is seriously one of the prettiest lippies I got in the previous months.
It also has a smooth creamy and moisturizing texture with an interesting glistening (but not glittery or frosty) finish. It looks just divine.

The color is very neutral, a sheer corally beige but with a certain depth which makes it an interesting shade of lipstick. Even though it looks a bit orange on the pics it's definitely not when it mixes with the natural pink of my lips.

This has a certain flowery scent which doesn't linger though.
I highly recommend checking out the Irrisistible Lips C range!


Anonymous said...

omg the lipstick and duo eyeshadow looks so pretty on you! anyway i'm rather curious, are you asian?

PS: you have pretty eyes and lips shape (i told you this before but i just wanna tell you this again haha!)

fuzkittie said...

I've been debating that e/s duo! It looks so pretty I think I have to get it now... hahaa.

Kathi said...

no I am not Asian =)
And thanks for your kind comment =D

Hi fuzkittie,
it's very pretty but dupable so it's not a must-get in my opinion. =D

Anonymous said...

What liner did you used on your lower lash line, Kathi? I've yet to find a liner that would stay on mine more than 10 seconds :p! Thanks!

Kathi said...

I used kate Square cut liner in BK1. I just close my eyes and pull the liner between my lower and upper lid about 5 times from one side to the other. It stays on very well and is pretty black. I also love BR3 (a very dark neutral brown)!

Anonymous said...

Great review Kathi! I got the cheeks & eyes palette and like you, I think I am going to end up using it as a blusher. But if it takes 5 layers to show up on you, then I think it will never show up on me!! I got the duo in 01 blue, it looks pale, I am not expecting much contrast but hopefully it will at least show! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you purchase this from?
rmk seems to have a sheer texture theme going on

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