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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Elizabeth Nude Bonbon OL Style Lip Color in #1 & 3

As most of you might remember I really LOVE the Elizabeth Nude Bonbon Lipglosses (click here and here) as they have a great texture, pretty colors and are dirt cheap. So for me it was a logical step to check out the lipsticks from the Nude Bonbon range as they might be all that =)

The Lip Colors come in pretty simple black and silver swivel-up tubes...nothing special, just your average lipstick.
There are 4 colors to choose out of which I picked 2 colors which seemed to be the pinkest-toned ones so they should flatter me.

The colors are really very pretty and have a satin finish. However the texture of the lipsticks is just mediocre. They are quite drying and feel a bit uncomfortable to wear. They're far away from the quality of lipsticks from Kate, Lavshuca, Integrate and even more far away from the higher end brands like Lunasol, Maquillage etc (which - in a US$9-lipstick - should not be expected anyway).
The lipsticks have decent pigment thus they show up well on my lips.
They aren't fragranced.

#1 bottom and #3 top

The colors I got are somehow quite similar to each other and the swatches on the Elizabeth website are super off as usual.

#1 is left, #3 is right

#1 Nude Cherry:

To me this looks like a medium peachy red when swatched. It looks lighter and pinker when I use it on my lips though.

#3 Chiffon Rose:

This is a lighter peachy pink beige. It's similar to #1 in terms of undertone but a little lighter.

These retail for 840 Yen/each. I purchased mine from ichibankao, listed under Misc items.


Wombat said...

Thanks for your review on these! I was close to ordering all 4 but now i'll probably just get #3 and maybe 1 other color to test it out. Have you checked out the "Pink Bonbon" lipgloss series? also got 4 colors of pink variations, i guess they might be as promising as the nude bonbon lipglosses =)

Kathi said...

I have the 4 Pink Bonbon glosses, just need to review them =)

amor said...

just recently bought nude bonbon lipgloss 2 and 3. I had 1 earlier this week. love it! they're my fave lipglosses of the moment =D

Connie De Alwis said...

Very pretty colors and I love the packaging!

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