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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shiseido Ma Cherie End Cure Milk

I think I posted only once or twice about hair care. I pretty much use the same stuff for couple of years now (Shiseido Tsubaki, red and white; Kanebo Sala (in the pink/white bottle), Kanebo Ichikami (not impressed with that) and Etude House Silky Perfumed Shampoo & conditioner).
I also use a few hair serums from Kose Asience and Shiseido Fino.

Along with my recent Sasa order I had ordered a few hair care items (Asience Moisture Balance Shampoo, Ma Cherie Conditioner, Kose Salon Style Serum and Shiseido Ma Cherie End Cure Milk which I am going to review now).

My hair is in very good condition, it's about breast-length and thick with no single split end (as far as I can tell hehe). My hair was reaching to my thighs about 2 years ago but I cut it off as I got constant headaches and it was just not pretty anymore (I wore it in a braid most of the time as it was just annoying lol).

I only dye my hair darker every now and then (maybe 2x a year?) with those mild dyes that wash out over time. I almost always let it air dry unless I have to quickly go out after washing it. My hair is straight so I don't really style it lol

Due to the cold weather here and the dry air from the heating my hair gets a bit dry over the colder months though (and here it's like 8 out of 12 mons cool or cold). That's why good moisturizing products are important and Asian brands deliver them really perfectly.

The End Cure Milk from Shiseido's Ma Cherie range comes in a pretty 100g squeeze tube/bottle made of light pink and darker pink plastic. I really think it looks cute and I like looking at it =)
I got mine on sasa for US$8.30 but you can also find this on eBay.

The End Cure Milk is supposed to be used on the dry hair ends in particular but also to be used on the rest of your hair. According to an auction description from alphabeautyuk I found it's protecting against sun damage and has a special anti-cigarette fragrance to neutralize bad smells like from smoke.

Anyways, this stuff smells so good! It's a fresh fruity and slightly floral scent which makes me sniff my hair all the time lol!

For me this is like a daily moisturizer for hair, it's a very lightweight white emulsion that spreads easily and leaves my hair super soft.

This is the first hair care
I found to be used on dry or semi-dried hair that doesn't make my hair look and feel greasy or weigh it down at all while still providing perfect care!

I use this in the morning when I brush my hair and it's shiny, bouncy and smells delicious!
The milk also passed the test on my daughter's hair =) She has curly thick and stubborn hair (after all she's half Egyptian hehe) so combing it is a hassle. With the milk her hair is easier to manage and stays looking pretty all day long.

I highly recommend this product as a daily care for most hair-types.


Anonymous said...

I first came across your website while trying to find out about Clio blushers. Please where can someone that stays in the U.S purchase the Banila Co products from online? I checked ebay, but the options are not plentiful. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Good to know, I will probably try that product. I have the shampoo and conditioner and I love them.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a good read!

My hubby is going to Nagoya next month. Can you please recommend some best buys (not-so pricey locally made cosmetics, girly stuff, cool souvenirs I can give away to friends--for birthdays & holidays--)?

Any interesting things he can get for me at Tokyu Hands?

I'd appreciate your suggestions very, very much!

Thank you!

Kathi said...

Hi ladykoshkosh,
you can contact rumistyle on ebay...even though her store just lists some items you can always ask her for special purchases. She always does my Banila Co shopping. She's in South Korea though and I really don't know anyone in the US selling it, sorry!

Hi Cheryl,
can you email me so I can reply to you via email.

fuzkittie said...

To use on dry hair huh? Sounds really nice~~ I wanna try it!

Unknown said...

I think Etude House is back on Gmarket under seller 에뛰드 직영몰 ^.^

Anonymous said...

I wish i can get this "Shiseido Ma Cherie End Cure Milk" in SG! sighs

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

This was reviewed intensively in the lastest issue of Voce, you know the feature where they run several products through a battery of scientific tests? The Ma Cherie one actually didn't do too well. There was a picture that showed the hair shaft magnified after using the product and the hair cuticle was still all rough. Keratase came out tops in that survey in terms of repair power.

Kathi said...

Hi Alcy,
yes, it's etudegmark now =D

Hi Haru,
really interesting! Strange it works so nicely for me but maybe because my hair is quite healthy to start with. But rough cuticle sounds bad =X I always keep reading how great Kerastase is, I think I should really give it a shot at some point!
Thanks for your input!


Anonymous said...

hi Kathi, I've been keeping up with your site for a while now. Its very good! =x i am in love with all your jp products! haha, i don't think they sell them on sasa anymore. Can you recommended another place? Thanks, Carissa

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