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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring 2009: Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BR-2 & Liquid Rouge N PK-6

As soon as Adambeauty listed the new Spring eyeshadows from Kate I placed an order for the Diamond Cut Eyes BR-2 (together with various items I already reviewed over the past 2 weeks or so) and I decided to pick up the beautiful Liquid Rouge N in PK-6 (which I had been lemming ever since I tried out the other 2 Liquid Rouge N in RD-2 and BR-2) from Ichibankao.

For some reason Adam has a tendency to list all new eye and cheek palettes but often either lists a limited range of newly released lipcolors or doesn't bring them in at all. I don't know if he'll list the Liquid Rouge N or Lavshuca's new lippies anytime soon but I didn't want to wait so I ordered from Ichibankao.

Click here to read my review of the first bunch of Kate Spring I reviewed.

-Diamond Cut Eyes:

I already reviewed the new Diamond Cut Eyes in BK-1 which is a pretty smokey palette so since I quite like the texture and pigment level in the BK-1 palette I decided to add the BR-2 to my collection.

Generally Kate releases a BR-1 and a BR-2 in most palettes. BR-1 is usually a palette of warmer browns/golds whereas BR-2 tends to be more neutral or even cool-toned.
This is also the case with the Diamond Cut Eyes quads so I settled on BR-2 which looked overall more neutral and wearable for me.
When I finally received the palette I wasn't quite sure if I really liked the palette as the darkest shade looked like a warm muddy brown. But I decided to try it anyway as I really like the cool brown shade and this palette simply rocks. It's darn pretty!

The texture is rather silky and smooth and with good pigment. All colors blend effortlessly and I experienced no major fading and no creasing at all when I wore this from 8 AM to about 7 PM (over Lunasol Lid Base N).

The only color I don't like that much is that glittery gold/silver split pan. It's the same as the one in BK-1 (and probably all other palettes) and it adds a nice little sparkle to the finished look but is not a necessary thing in my opinion. I would have preferred maybe a bright contrasting color or another lid color or so.

The colors are a pretty neutral light shimmery cream, cool brown (looks more taupe when applied than on the swatch pic..probably wonky lighting), deep neutral chocolate brown (oddly this color looks much more golden, lighter and warmer in the pan...when appplied it transforms to a deep neutral brown).

EOTD: Taupe brown applied on lid, deep brown in crease area, cream to highlight from crease to brow... I dabbed a little of the silver glitter on my lids and a bit of the gold under my brows. Lined lower lids with the taupe and the cream shades. I used Lavshuca's new Mascara Base and Integrate Volume & Curl Mascara EX (love this stuff, reviews will come soon)

I paid US$18 from Adambeauty. Ichibankao lists this for US$19.50 (shipping included, adam charges US$2/order so if you order more items it's more worthwhile)

-Liquid Rouge N in PK-6:

This is a delicious raspberry pink with a good color pay-off (for a gloss) and finely milled shimmer imparting a gleaming finish.

The texture is slick and spreads well though I have a slight problem with this particular color as it has a tendency to creep into any fine lines I might have around my mouth (and I don't have many yet).
Anyways, a lipliner is needed in my opinion.

The color is really goreous and very flattering though!

I paid US$18.50


cavano said...

Wow, you're really tempting me with these palettes I never even thought about lol. Love the EOTD! And do you line with Kate Square Cut BR-3 on the lower rim? I already bought it because of your recs :).

plue said...

Wow, this is pretty, I like the lippie! But Kate hasn't launch any new stuff after Deep trap, which is a total let down :(

Your EOTD is lovely! :D

You always make each palette look good on you!

Laura L said...

this is so pretty. your eotd so nice,
the Kate palette havent release in malaysia yet
you make me so tempted

birkinbagbeauty said...

The Diamond Cut eyes in BR 2 is prettier than I expected it to be. Indeed, the colour look muddy in the pan, but seeing your swatches and EOTD convinces me to order it as well.
I will skip the lipgloss if it has the tendency to settle in the little lines around your lip. I have more lines than you do, so if you are already notice the lipgloss creeping in them, I would have huge problems with it. And with lipgloss I am not too bothered about lipliner (I am with lipstick, though).
Thanks again for an excellent review

Jamilla Camel said...

Gorgeous colors..thanks for the pics! You are tempting me yet again!!


Anonymous said...

I have seen previously launches of kate, especially the live one which happened in chicago. I had bought a discounted kit from it then. Its worth believe me, just go for it.

fuzkittie said...

The lip gloss color is really pretty~~ :]

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog after googling BB creams. I love your reviews and you sure own lots of make up. I would be cute if you could take pictures of your whole make up collection or something like that. Because I'm really curious about your enormous collection.

Kathi said...

Hi Cavano,
yes that's the Kate BR-3 liner =D

Hi Plue,
I think they should follow up with new releases! It totally sucks when you can't get your hands on the newest stuff =(

Hi birkinbagbeauty =D
yea the lipgloss is a bit of a let-down in my opinion =(

Hi Anonymous,
I posted pics of my collection before somewhere on my blog. Just search for stash. Though since I took those pics my stash has surely changed a lot lol

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