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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VOV Castledew Diacut Eyes in BE903

I know that I am currently only reviewing Japanese brands while in Summer/Fall I was mainly doing Korean ones lol.
Seems I can't multitask when it's about buying Japanese AND Korean makeup hehe.

No the truth is that there were no interesting items coming out except for the Banila Co and Etude House collections and some random items I reviewed over the past few months. =) Away from that the only things I got from Gmarket was some pretty stationery and an Art Deco Alice wallet.

Castledew added a new eyeshadow palette to their fabulous Diacut Eyes range so you can choose now from 3 color patterns (1 pressed, 2 baked shadow palettes).

The new palette comes in the very same pretty sturdy compact dark silver mirror-finish compact.
The new palette in BE903 contains 1 big eyeshadow pan with 9 colors baked into it. Each vertical column makes an eyeshadow trio but you can mix and match as you wish.

These shadows are rather hard but buildable. They're rather sheer but if you layer them a bit and use a good lid base these show up really nicely.

The colors are (from left to right)

1st row: Shine Purple, Shine White, Shine Beige
2nd row: Jewel Violet, Shine Pink, Jewel Beige
3rd row: Purple Night, Love Angel, Brown Night.

The darkest colors are a bit more matte than the other colors and need more layering to show up intensely.

All in all a decent palette but I like the color combos 901 and 902 from Fall much more!
I hope VOV will release another pressed eyeshadow palette, too! The pressed shadows are softer and have better pigment.

Here are my reviews of the Diacut Eyes 901 and 902
And here you can read about the beautiful Diacut Cheeks!

Each of the palette retails for 18000 Won on Gmarket (about US$13). Quite affordable for such a cute item! I purchased mine on eBay for about US$10 more incl. shipping as this item got deleted from my Gmarket order as it was out of stock and I didn't have anything else to order so shipping for this item alone would have cost me more than I paid on eBay.


Anonymous said...

i have only seen VOV once in malaysia. And i don't recall the eye shadows being so interesting. I could have seen very old stuff or something...

this is a great post. You help me understand these Korean and japanese mu each time i read your posts.

Anonymous said...

this pallette is soo pretty!

Naomi said...

those vov shadows are pretty isn't it? It's pretty popular here in Korea and some people call it "christian vov" because they think its texture and shimmer is similar to that of christian dior shadows. lol anyways nice buy.

Anonymous said...

Can I have the seller's name?

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Jojoba: where did u seen VOV in Malaysia?

I love the colors in palette.. it seems demure n sophisticate at the same time.

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