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Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring 2009: Maquillage Eyes Creator (3D) GR366 & Lip Essence EX

I reviewed the Eyes Creator (3D) Palettes in GY865 and VI367 so I won't go much into detail regarding price, texture, packaging etc.

I already mentioned in the review for the eyeshadow palettes that I wanted to get the one in GR366 so when Adambeauty listed it (it's already out of stock though so check Gooddealer for this color) I ordered it right away (US$41 but I have to add approx. US$2 as I ordered a bunch of about 7 items and paid the shipping upgrade to Speedpost EMS which costs US$12/shipment).

I admit that the palette in GR366 is the prettiest out of the 3 I got. I didn't expect that as the GY865 palette looked like the perfect taupe brown combo (it's pretty but warmer than I expected) so I was sure this would be my fave.
Also I didn't really expect that the navy liner would go with the greens in the palette but it works perfectly.

The colors are a deep very pigmented gray-undertoned emerald, light seafoam green, white with green iridescence, a white cream base which flashes a little green and a deep navy gel liner (the glitter you see on the colors is just an overspray).
This palette is very unique and I have no combo similar to it.

Definitely a great buy and I will have lots of fun using this!
Maquillage really did a great job improving their eye palettes and I hope they'll add more colors to the series or release a new one without the cream base =P

I also picked up the Lip Essence EX which is replacing their older Lip Essence, one of my favorite lip primers ever.
It cost me US$22 from adambeauty (I factored in the shipping already) just like the other lip base from Maquillage (called Lip Refiner which is also good).

The Lip Essence EX comes in a pretty pale pink and silver tube with a wand (spatula type with fuzzy covering) applicator.
The lip primer is a slick thin balm without any stickiness. It somehow has a grainy feel though when I rub my lips together and I have no clue where this feeling comes from. It's unfragranced, uncolored and unscented.

Admittedly this is a nice moisturizing base for lipsticks but I liked the older version better which had a nicer feel, was slightly tinted (pink) and had a sweet scent (like cherry though it was supposed to be unscented I believe).

More Maquillage Spring:
-Face Creator (3D) in #44
-Eyes Creator (3D) in GY865 and VI367

-Moisture Rouge (Sheer) in RD309 and RS713


Anonymous said...

ah, i love that blue!!! i think i have to check it out. thanks for the great review. and your EOTD is gorgeous!

fuzkittie said...

The greens look great on your eyes! :]

Usagi Chan said...

What a wonderful palette ^-^ I love how the liner looks on your eyes!! Very pretty look :D

plue said...

now I want the eyeshadow real bad! It's pretty! :) and ur EOTD is always stunning. Loving them!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i love the eyeshadow 2 ! is gorgeous

Nu Nu Dollie said...

Gorgeous! I really need to pick this palette up now! :)

Anya said...

Thank you so much for such a great review! The palette looks gorgeous on you (well, basically everything looks good on you, always!)

makeupmag said...

I loved the complex greyed green so much that I bought it as a single. It is actually more economical purchasing the palette but I wasn't sure if I'd use the cream pans.

These colours are absolutely beautiful on your brown eyes. They really make them pop. :) What a stunning EOTD!

Kathi said...

Thanks, ladies =D I really dig this palette! IT's soooooooooo pretty!

gorilla said...

That is really pretty! Thanks for posting up a view of the eyeshadow palette. I was considering to buy because of its unique colours that I have never seen from other Jap brands but was worried it might not look nice since the colours are uncommon! I will definitely get it! Btw, the new limited editions GD831 and SV832 are out. The golden one seems gorgeous!

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