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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring 2009: Maquillage Moisture Rouge (Sheer) RD309 & RS713

Maquillage's lipsticks have always been on the top of my list and probably my stash of MQ lippies is the biggest among other brands I own. The lipsticks are just fantastic, very moisturizing, pretty colors and beautiful tubes.

This Spring Shiseido added new lipsticks to the Maquillage lineup. The new lippies are called "Moisture Rouge" which is a MUCH better name than all the stupid "Climax"-names they used before.

The new Moisture Rouge comes in 2 varieties: Sheer and Color (pretty self-explanatory I think!).

This review is about 2 of the lipsticks in the Sheer formula.

The new Moisture Rouge lipsticks come in pretty metallic silver pink and black tubes.
While they look nice they have a slightly cheap feel to them as the metallic part is made of rather lightweight plastic.

However that doesn't bother me at all as the lipsticks are just perfection.
They're glossy and moisturizing (even more than the older lipsticks), sheer but with enough color to show up nicely. They have a glistening finish I really love. They surely don't last too long but I reapply my lipstick every hour or so anyway so I don't mind.

At first there is a shimmer over-spray but there is enough fine shimmer throughout the lipstick to give that pretty shimmery finish.

I paid around US$30/each from Gooddealer (& s+h) so they're not exactly cheap but very worth it. The swatches seem to be rather accurate, too.

I got 2 colors:

This is a bright warm sheer pink


This is the perfect light cool pink with a little golden shimmer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color!

These lipsticks are definitely very worth picking up!

Click here and here for more Maquillage Spring!


Laura L said...

the color is so adambeauty really worth in form of its shipping and all goodies? did they include samples?

Taryn said...

This is off-topic, but I couldn't find an address to email you at.

Could you possibly recommend a BB cream for somewhat oily skin that is super white (my skin is the color of Nicole Kidman's)? I have a hard time telling by your swatches, because sometimes they look different in person.

Thanks for any advice!

Lioness said...

These lippies look lovely

Off-topic: just to let you know that i nominated you for the TripleAwards. i know you were already nominated by someone else but hey rules are meant to be broken ^^

Kathi said...

Hi ning,
yea adam is the best source as his shipping is just a flat rate of US$2 (you only pay for the registered fee, not the actual shipping) and his prices are about or even below Japanese retail.

Hi Taryn,
honestly the more lighweight BB Creams I found are on the thicker/more emollient side. Belita Lala, Lotree and IPKN are among the palest BB Creams I found. I think Belita Lala would be lightweight enough for oilier skin-types. Also Innisfree Anti-Trouble BB is quite pale and formulated for oilier skin-types.
Hope that helps somewhat!


Anonymous said...

You've been nominated as my top ten favorite blogger! I swear, it's not spam. ;P Check it out when you can.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

wow.. i really love the colors...

CyNurse said...

These really look good on you! The shimmer is just right.

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