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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spring 2009: Maquillage Eyes Creator (3D)

One of the most alluring spring items for me was the new range of Maquillage Eyes Creator palettes. So I picked out the 2 colors that looked most suitable for me.

I just love Maquillage and their eyeshadows got better and better over the past years so I had high hopes of the new palettes.

The Eyes Creator (3D) palettes come in pretty fairly large matte silver cases with a bit shiny Maquillage "M" on the front.
Each palette comes with applicators and mirrors and the quality and the design are excellent in my opinion and much nicer than their previous style of palettes.

The Eyes Creator contains 3 powders shadows, a glittery white cream base and a gel (or cream?) liner.
There are 5 colors available which are all rather muted in my opinion. There aren't any flashy or bright colors in any of the palettes.

All of the colors are covered with a fine layer of shimmer but it wipes off with the first use so the colors are much less shimmery than they look at first glance.

I have to say the texture of the powders is excellent. Super silky and very well pigmented (except for the shade on the left which is a little sheerer). The blending quality is good though there is one specific color that didn't want to blend as smoothly as the others.
The finish of the shadows varies depending on the palette.

Each palette retails for 3990 Yen (about US$44 right now). I paid US$39.61 (& about US$4 shipping/handling).

I haven't noticed any creasing or fading but I used my own base, not the glittery cream base provided. I use the cream shade to define my lower inner eyelids.
The gel liner stays on really well and applies smoothly. It's a huge improvement over the cream liners Maquillage used in their previous palettes.

I got the palettes in:


This palette was the one that attracted me most but it turned out to be below my expectations. It's pretty but I believe the colors weren't picked to work together 100% well in my opinion.

You get a sheer lilac with golden iridescence (it has a satin finish, not really shimmery even though it looks on the swatch), a grayed purple which turns rather ashy and dull on me (that's the color which refuses to blend nicely). The highlighter is a white with a very light lilac tinge (not that detectable).
The cream base is a shimmery pale pink and the liner is a pretty deep cool purple which clashes a little with the ashy purple.

GY865: know, I have no idea why this is supposed a gray (GY) palette as it's clearly brown for me.
The blending quality, finish and texture is nicer than in the VI palette.
You get a mustard-y beige, a brown taupe, stark white, a white glittery cream base and a deep gray (almost black) shimmery gel liner.

I personally think that the bright white is a little too pigmented and strong to work with the 2 other colors so I suggest using this sparingly, just under your brows and blended/sheered out well.
The look I can achieve with this palette is really pretty, a neutral and polished yet strong eye.

All in all the GY palette is worth picking up but I'd not buy the VI one again. I like the colors in GR366 which I might pick up later.

Here are the instructions on the back of the box. I tried it with the GY palette and the result was a desaster lol. I prefer to use it my way but maybe it's helpful for you:

Check out my review of Maquillage's Face Creator 3D in #44.


fuzkittie said...

I originally wanted the VI palette! But then I ordered Coffret D'or and Lunasol palettes in purple shades, so I didn't want to get another purple... but after hearing you thoughts on it I feel much better, haha!

I like my green palette a lot... I agree with you, that white shade seems SO white to be used with those earthy warm tones in the "grey" palette.

plue said...

oh no! you got me lemming for this! i wonder if my stores has it in stock... need to go find out :D

lovely purchases you have!

Jenn said...

I'm glad I showed some restraint and only ordered the GY palette, although I do normally like purple palettes. Do you think you would order any of the individual shadows?

Anonymous said...

Please Please tell me how you have the money to afford all of these? they are like $25 each!

Kathi said...

Hi fuz,
I admired the GR palette in your blog hehe!

Hi Plue,
the GY one is really nice =)

Hi Jenn,
I would normally have purchased the medium purple shade individually but since it turns ashy on me I can say that you can safely skip all the shades in the VI palette.

Hi amiracle-suefi,
you are asking me again where I get my money from? Well I will tell you again that it is not your business. I personally think it´s quite rude to ask such questions to strangers.
I don´t know and don´t want to know where you get your money and I´ll not disclose how much money I have and where it comes from so let´s leave it so.


birkinbagbeauty said...

Those are so lovely. I haven't ordered the new Maquillage eye creator(s) yet. I might do so, but I am not completely sure which colour to order (not the violet one after reading your review).

Latte adict said...

Hi Kathi,
Thanks for the review. It is very helpful, because I was thinking of getting the GY & VI like you did. Now I will get the GY & GR instead. I just love greyish/brownish tints, my weakness :)

Anonymous said...

This is really pretty. I love your eyes!

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