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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring 2009: Jill Stuart Blossoming Pink! Collection

Jill Stuart is always on my shopping list as in nearly each of their new collections there are a few items I have to have =)

The Blossoming Pink! collection for Spring 2009 offers quite a variety of pretty goodies. There are various new lipglosses, 2 new eye jellies, some nail colors, 2 new blushes and 2 eyeshadow palettes.

I picked up:
-Seductive Eyes in 06 Romantic Goddess
-Mix Blush Compact 07 Lovely Tulip

-Mix Blush Compact 08 Romantic Poppy

I wasn't interested in the other items. The Illuminance Eyes in 06 looked way too warm for me and the I am not so much a fan of the Jelly Eyes either (though one of the new colors is really pretty).

-Seductive Eyes in 06 Romantic Goddess:

I generally really like Jill Stuart's eyeshadow palettes. All 3 types are nice in my opinion and the color combos while being REALLY repetitive are usually something I like.

The Seductive Eyes quad in 06 looked like the typical flattering gray/pink combo that would surely look pretty.
It is pretty but I am disappointed nonetheless. I have to say this palette is VERY powdery with lots of fall-out compared to most of the other Jill Stuart quads.

The Seductive Eyes range is probably the worst JS makes but this quad in particular is annoying as along with being powdery the shadows have a problem to cling to my skin. Sounds weird but the more I try to layer the more I wipe off. I always use primer and didn't encounter this problem with other JS eyeshadows before (and 99% of the other brand shadows are no problem either).

I rather pat these colors on with my brush which makes it easier to apply the shadows.

The color on the left is more light beige glitter than color, the one beside it is a satin baby pink with a weird damp feeling (though I believe it's a powder shadow as it doesn't feel creamy at all).
Next is a a mauve pink with shimmer and an ashy mauve with shimmer.
The darkest color on the very right turned rather dull and blah on my eyes though while the mauve pink color turned nearly hot pink.

All in all this gets a nay. It costs 5250 Yen (=US$58) in Japan. I paid US$51.53 (& about US$5 shipping/handling) when I ordered from

-Mix Blush Compact in 07 Lovely Tulip & 08 Romantic Poppy:

The Mix Blush Compacts from Jill Stuart are probably my favorite blushes ever. I think if I could only keep one brand of blushes these would be my choice. That's what I have all colors except that Limited Edition colors from couple of years ago.

The Mix Blush Compacts comes in the most adorable princessy cases adorned with little crystals and a detachable blush brush.
The brush is actually of decent quality though not as soft as I like. The brush works well though.

The texture is very finely milled with medium pigment which can be layered for higher intensity.
I love the silky glow these blushes give (all colors I have) as it's so natural and pretty.

The 2 new colors are amazing as all the other blushes. The first closeup pic is taken with flash, the 2nd in natural bright morning sunlight (weak winter sun though =P). The flash pics are way more accurate though!

07 Lovely Tulip:

This is the PERFECT cool bright pink to brighten my complexion if I mix all colors together. It's a little similar to the LE Blush in 101 Platinum Illuminance so if you missed that this is a good replacement. Though Lovely Tulip is even a bit pinker and cooler than 101.
(Read the review on the Illuminance Collection here)

The colors are white, light cool pink, deeper cool pink and a warmer raspberry shade. You can use the white to highlight and it works perfectly.

The swatch shows the blush blended together (color on the very left) and the color squares swatched individually.

The 2 shades on the top (especially the white) have more shimmer than the 2 darker ones at the bottom.

08 Romantic Poppy

This is a rather interesting combination of light pink, orange, muted rose beige and deep plum mauve. The overall color is a rosey beige on me.
Though sure the color you get depends how you swirl your brush across it. If you plan on using the colors individually this is a good choice as you get 4 quite different colors!
The 2 colors on top have a little more shimmer than the 2 at the bottom.

The swatch shows the blush blended together (color on the very left) and the color squares swatched individually.

I paid US$46.23 (& about US$5 s&h) from Gooddealer whereas retail in Japan is 4725 Yen (US$53)

The Mix Blush Compacts are definitely worth checking out! The Seductive Eyes palette is not that interesting though.


Zuuchini said...

T____T i really want those jill stuarts...

but must be a huge disappointment when you found out that palette doesn't work as well as the others...especially when it costs so much

birkinbagbeauty said...

Romantic Poppy is too pretty for words. I feel another Blush haul coming up...

JL said...

Jill Stuart eyeshadows are big disappointments, I was so excited to get them.. and then... the texture is just not worth the price tag, I'm never buying their eyeshadow pallets again.. and they are too shimmery, but I'm dying to try their blushes!

fuzkittie said...

I was JUST about to buy these today! I'm glad you posted this just in time, hahaha. I'm not gonna get the Seductive eyes now after reading your thoughts, but I'll def get the tulip blush, so cute~

Which exact JS palette would you recommend?

Eka said...

Based on what you said I'm more convinced to try out the JS blushes. I've been fancying them for a while but the price tag always makes me think twice.

Anonymous said...

How was your experience with Gooddealer? How long did it take for your items to arrive after placing your order?

Ciambella said...

PRETTY. *_* You are SUCH a bad influence on me.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Kathi, could you make a swatch of the Romantic Poppy blush? I am still hesitant to buy it...I am not sure if the colour would suit me.

Rawr said...

Oh my god the packaging is sooo lovely =)

I really want to get Jill Stuart products someday

Kathi said...

Hi fuzkittie,
the newer range Illuminance Eyes is much better. Better get a color of that range =D

Hi Y S,
Gooddealer offers very good service. Not as fast as Adam and Ichibankao (who usually ship the next day or the 2nd day).
Gooddealer usually takes about 3-4 days to ship the items out, but they provide you with a tracking number you can trace till the package leaves Hong Kong.
His packaging is extremely secure (everything is packed in a big cocoon of bubble wrap).

Hi birkinbagbeauty,
I will update swatches later! I hope they'll help you decide!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Thank you Kathi for the swatch. It looks absolutely gorgeous (I need it (;)

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