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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffret D'or Trance Deep Eyes 02 (Blue) & Full Memory Rouge (Glow) PK-250

The Trance Deep Eyes from Summer 2008 is my favorite eyeshadow line Coffret D'or put out so far. I managed to collect all 5 available color palettes and all look really great on me which is a rare occasion as most Japanese brands tend to release warmer colors so it nearly never happens that all colors of an eyeshadow range work for me.

Anyway, the blue was the only palette I didn't pick up last year even though I liked how it looked online but blues are a tricky thing for me as they can end up hooker-ish quickly hehe.
E.g. Baby blues look horrid on me as they wash me out and make me look like a cheap ho.

Even though eBay has become a place where scoring deals on Japanese makeup is really hard you can sometimes find some fine bargains.
I found the Trance Deep Eyes 02 for only US$22.50 incl. shipping and the Full Memory Rouge (Glow) PK-250 for only about US$15 (incl. shipping) brand new in a buy it now auction. That's about half of the retail price. Pretty sweet, right?

-Trance Deep Eyes 02 Blue:

The Trance Deep Eyes shadows have a nice smooth feel and good pigment. The 2 shades on the left are a bit sheerer and the shade on the bottom left contains lots of finely milled glitter which gives a jewel-dipped finish.
The lasting power is great, I wore the palette today from like 10-6 and there was no sign of creasing or fading.

I like the blues in this palette very much. The palette contains a blue-tinged white, bright light blue with a touch of aqua, a pale violet glitter shade and a deep violet blue (looks strangely more navy on the pics).

I am really pleased with this pretty palette and I hope Coffret D'or will release some pretty Summer collection this year, too!

-Full Memory Rouge PK-250:

In my opinion all Coffret D'or lippies (and also the ones from its predecessor brand T'estimo) are amazing. The "Glow" line is always sheer and shimmery whereas the "Color" range offers more pigmented lipsticks.
I think I have a tendency to prefer the lipsticks from the "Glow" range as I love the sheer nearly wet shine they can give.

The Full Memory ranges comes in a longer slim smooth silver tube. Not that special and I am really happy that they came out with such beautiful packaging in the new Shine Drape Rouges!

The color PK-250 is a pretty light shimmery and sheer pink which is a no-brainer lipstick as I can swipe it on without a mirror or lipliner. The color is very neutral and would work with the majority of eye looks.

All in all a great little lot of Coffret D'or items =D I also got a few other items from the same seller as she had a 25% off sale in her shop (that's why the things came out quite reasonably priced).
She is doing sales from time to time (ginsengseafood on eBay).


y m said...

I love the color of the lipstick!

fuzkittie said...

Wooo 02 is one of my all time fave palettes!! :D It looks great on you! LOL, not cheap ho-ish at all! xD

Kathi said...

Haha thanks! =D

Jamilla Camel said...

Perfect colours for you!

tuniez83 said...

this set of color's so pop this Spring, I'd better go try it too, thanksssssssss for sharing

✿Ji✿ said...

The colours of the palette are beautiful and they totally suit you!<3
love the lipstick color as well!;)

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful eyes :) Hey, what is the seller nick on ebay? I can't find that low price anymore :( Greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hihi, I really like reading your blog as it is useful when I'm making decisions on which makeup to buy.

Just wondering if you could give me some suggestions on buying of lipsticks:

Say if I could only get 1 lipstick from the newest collection from either Maquillage or Coffret D'Or. Which brand would you suggest more?? (Since you have already reviewed on both of the brands previously)

Thank you in advance!


Kathi said...

Hi Anonymous,
I'd pick Maquillage over Coffret D'or I guess. I just think that Maquillage (and Cle de Peau, both by Shiseido) have the best lipsticks.

Anonymous said...

Haha, ok. Then I'll follow your suggestion and get MQ's lippie.

Thank you again! ^__^


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