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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring 2009: Cle de Peau Le Natural Absolu - Intensifying Cream Eyeliner #103 & Extra Silky Lipstick #118 & 119

Cle de Peau is a brand I rarely buy from. Their prices are obscene as it's Shiseido's super high-end brand so I only buy on eBay when I think the price is ok.

The theme of their Spring 2009 collection is very simple: Super natural beauty. The whole collection features browns and beiges so if you are into super natural makeup the Cle de Peau Spring collection is your ideal choice for picking up a few high-quality items great for everyday use.

The whole collection was listed on eBay from one of my favorite sellers but honestly the eyeshadows quads looked too blah (rather warm beiges) for my taste, the 2 regular lipsticks were too brown/warm and I wasn't interested in the black and brown cream liners.

But since I really deeply love the Extra Silky Lipsticks (I liked 2 of the new colors) and was interested in the deep gray Intensifying Cream Eyeliner (#103) I decided to pick these items up.
They still were so pricey but a bit cheaper than retail so it was the best chance to get them at that point.

-Extra Silky Lipsticks in 118 & 119:

I already reviewed the Extra Silky Lipsticks here so I won't go too much into details.
These lipsticks just have the most divine lush creamy buttery texture ever!

Each Extra Silky Lipstick retails for US$50 in the US but 5250 Yen in Japan (=US$58) which is very steep for a lipstick (but I am a spoiled brat and think these are worth it!).
Be careful when you twist the lipstick out as it does NOT retract. Just plug the cap on the end of the lipstick and twist out the amount you're planning to use.
Contains Cle de Peau's Hydro-Wrap Complex and Argan Tree Oil.
The 2 Spring colors have a very translucent glossy finish which is really pretty!

#118 (left):

I first thought that this was clear when I swatched it on the back fo my hand. However it's a pale pink mother-of-pearl colors but very sheer so it just looks very soft and natural.

#119 (right):

A light sheer glossy peachy beige. Very pretty for an understated natural look. This has a bit more pigment than #118.

I am VERY pleased with the new colors I picked out. #120 looked really nice, too, but I wanted to limit myself to 2 lipsticks as they were still rather pricey (though sure quite a bit below retail).

-Intensifying Cream Eyeliner:

I believe this is the star item of the new collection. It's a brand new range of eyeliners in little jars and comes in 3 colors.
101 is black, 102 is brown and 103 is a shimmery deep gray which looked like a color I don't have in my stash yet so I settled on this color.

First off a minor rant: I was shocked to see in which kind of flimsy plastic jar this is packaged.
Come on, for 6300 Yen (=US$69)/US$60 (retail in the USA) this should come in a sturdy heavy luxurious pot and not in a super lightweight cheapo plastic jar!

But that's my only little complaint. The product itself is GREAT and the brush provided is of excellent quality, too!
The jar is rather flat and wide. On the cream liner the Cle de Peau logo is printed on with blue color which wipes off when you touch it.
The Intensifying Cream Eyeliner is creamy but not too soft and the flat rounded brush picks up the perfect amount with just a few swipes.
The color is intense and well pigmented and applies absolutely smoothly. It dries down to a smudgeproof finish quickly so for me this is more of a gel eyeliner than a cream eyeliner (as the difference for me is that the cream liner stays creamy hence it has the tendency to smudge).
Contains Cle de Peau's Hydro-Wrap Complex and Argan Tree Oil.

#103 is a gorgeous very deep shimmery gray. It is a bit softer than black but still gives perfect definition. I used it with the new Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BK-1 (I will review the Kate spring stuff soon) and they work together perfectly.

The Intensifying Cream Eyeliner is definitely great but it's very expensive. I suggest picking up a Kate, Maquillage or Esprique Precious gel liner if you prefer to score a better deal. Those 3 brands make fantastic gel liners!
I also like the new Coffret D'or Full Keep Eyeliner in GY-05 which is a very complex bluish gray shade (but texture-wise a bit harder to work with). I will review this along with their new Lip Essence soon, too!


dustbunny said...

love your daily reviews! and its great having someone that's really updated on the new collections... keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your reviews on the Japanese makeup!! keep up the good work. I was wondering where did you manage to get the Cle de peau eyeliner?

Tracy said...

You got nice lips! Do you use anything to maintain it? :)

Kathi said...

Hi dustbunny,
thanks so much! I will definitely try to continue this way =D

Hi Anonymous,
I purchased my liner on eBay. Currently I see none listed but I am sure some will pop up later on!

Hi Tracy,
awww, thanks! I use lip balm regularly and lip base when I wear gloss or lipstick. I will review my current favorite (coffret D'or) soon!

Kathi =D

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

the lippies r beautiful on ur lips.. n the packaging for cream liner is decent..

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