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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring 2009: Kiss Chocolat Collection: Lip Chocolat Treatment Strawberry Chocolat

I haven't purchased anything from Kiss for nearly a year I guess (last was the fabulous Bougainvillea blush I reviewed some time ago). Kiss usually releases smaller collections with just a few products so ever since I stocked up on their products with the help of my friend Iris about 2 years ago I got pretty much everything I liked from Kiss.

However this Spring they released this super yummy looking lip balm/gloss thingy in a cute little squeeze tube so I really was extremely delighted to find it listed (under "Isehan" along with Elizabeth and Kiss Me) on Adambeauty for only US$11.50 (retail is 1050 Yen = approx. US$11.60) so incl. shipping you will even pay a little less than if you went to the Japanese drugstore yourself =) I love Adam, I just wish he would update with new products quicker!

The Chocolat Collection (the missing "e" in chocolat is intended as it's French) also offers 2 new eyeshadow duos (Dual Chocolat Eyes) but both look a bit bland and each duo comes with a powder and a cream shadows so I am not sure how they'd perform. I am generally not a fan of Kiss' eyeshadows but I still might pick up one of the duos just to try!

First off I have to say that if you need to find a cute little gift this Lip Chocolat Treatment is the PERFECT choice. It is presented in a very pretty sturdy little box just like precious little pralines!

The tube is a cute soft squeeze tube with a slim nozzle so you have to squeeze the balm on your finger to apply it. I like that but some might find that annoying or bothersome.

The Lip Chocolat Treatment is a sticky pale milky pink gel which applies very smoothly and leaves a very glossy shine. It's like a long-lasting clear gloss with moisturizing properties to me.
The color doesn't show up on my lips so it looks just clear.

The scent and flavor are very delicious! It really smells like strawberry chocolate and has a sweet taste.

All in all this product truly rocks and I already ordered a backup as this is Limited Edition so get one while you can!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Yey, I received this today as well. I love how the box it came in really looked like a chocolate box. The scent is really scrumptious...I think it would be the perfect valentine gift for a female friend...because every girl loves chocolate, strawberries and lipbalm!

Laura L said...

oh,it looks so pretty. is it pink in color?

Jae said...


Are you on PoupeeGirl? If not, this person is stealing your pictures and using them as her own:

Just thought you should know!!


fuzkittie said...

OMG I was SO EXCITED to see that you posted about this today! Hahaha, because I wanted to get this SO BADLY~ It's so freaking cute! I just wasn't sure if it'd smell yummy or feel nice. Ahhhh, hahaha. I'm totally buying this on Adam, thanks for posting about it!

Anonymous said...

I've always been tempted to buy this but I've been hesitant so at least, now I know better and when my package arrives from Adambeauty, I'll place another order again, and I will include two tubes of this. One for me and one for my niece. :) She loves lipbalm that tastes good. hehe

Eka said...

I'm definitely getting two of Kiss Chocolat once my order arrives from Adambeauty. Great review!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!!! i find the blush packagiing similar to etude house e/s quad but a lot more delicate. i need this brand to come to our shore so i can try it out!

Anonymous said...


Id like to purchase the kiss lip treatment from you if youd be willing to your price,im really desperate for it!!

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