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Friday, February 20, 2009

Etude House VIP Girl Collection

Etude House usually comes out with new stuff every month or so. Their most previous collection is called VIP Girl and offers a few cute items in hot pink packaging.

Honestly a good part of the collection doesn't appeal to me. The lipsticks are really garish (hot pink, hot orange, super pale concealer lip pink), the nail colors come in ice cream colors sure to look horrible on me so I skipped them completely.

I ordered:
-VIP Girl Lipstick Base
-VIP Girl Peach Syrup Gloss in #1 and 2

-VIP Girl Eye Secret Shadow Duos in Navy/Pink and Nude/Black

-VIP Girl Designing Vitcara (Volume)

-Lipstick Base:

This is a pale peachy cream in a squeeze tube with a super tiny slanted applicator. You just take a little and spread it on your lips to tone down the color so your lipstick shows up better.

This makes my lips look very pale and matte. It's a good base for bright colored lipsticks but it feels a little dry and uncomfy.
This product wasn't really worth picking up I think as I prefer moisturizing lip primers like the one from Coffret D'or or Maquillage.

I paid 5500 Won (about US$3.70 + shipping from Gmarket seller etudegmark)

Peach Syrup Gloss in #1 and 2:

I was quite fond of the previous kinds of Peach Glosses (Peach Water Glosses and Peach Cream Glosses... you can find the reviews easily if you search in my customized Google Search on the right of the site)
The Peach Syrup Glosses are a thinner in consistency than the Peach Cream Glosses but a little richer than the Peach Water Glosses. So somewhat in between the other 2 glosses.

They carry the same yummy peach scent as the other glosses and have decent staying power (about 1-2 hrs or so...average for glosses).
The 2 colors are:

-#1 Nude Pink Syrup: a pale pink nude. This one is quite nice if you like to do a sheer nude lip. Not being pigmented is a plus in this gloss. This is slightly glossy.

-#2 Nude Peach Syrup: This has more pigment (a bad thing in this case) and has a nearly matte finish so it looks like blotchy concealer on my lips. This really looks yucky on me.

The glosses retail for 6500 Won/each (about US$4.40)

-Eye Secret Shadow Duos:

When I unwrapped these I was quite shocked by how tiny these are! (Though I should have expected as the shadows only cost 5000 Won = US$3.40/each) They're just the standard Etude House single shadow size (maybe a diameter of 2-2.5cm?).
They come in the same style of compacts as the other singles but in hot pink/clear plastic.

The texture is honestly quite nice, silky and the shadows have good pigment. The colors have a pearl finish which I really like.
There are 4 duos available of which I picked:

Pink/Navy: Light metallic baby pink and deep navy blue

Nude/Black: Light ivory with a subtle pink iridescence and a deep gray.

I didn't pick up the green/brown and purple/yellow combos.

-Designing Vitcara:

I will make the review short. I hated this mascara. The other Vitcaras haven't worked for me and doesn't either. Makes my lashes look weird and uneven (like the tip looks strangely bent).

It has a brush similar to Beaute de Kose's Volume Fantasist (I think that's the name).
Costs 9500 Won (US$6.40)

All in all the collection is not blowing me away at all and you can safely skip the whole thing as in total it's all pretty mediocre stuff.

I ordered everything from etudegmark on Gmarket and paid about US$20 for shipping (I should have ordered more stuff as shipping would have been more affordable that way).
Still if I would have purchased the items from eBay I would have gotten about 3 or so for the same money.

The freebies included were a Moistfull Skincare Kit and a cute velcro bow to keep my hair back while doing makeup (same system as the Dariya pads but in a cute bow shape).


Anonymous said...

i randomly came across your blog and i love it! just wondering how you search for secific sellers on gmarket. I've been looking for a new etude house seller. I typed in etudegmark and many sellers came up. Since the the sellers were all in korean I have no idea which seller it actually is. How did you figure out which sellers are reliable??

Digital Angel said...

Ohhh you got the new release :D
I've seen them in Korean forum and I thought they are pretty cute, they also came out with cute nail polish too right ?
You are so quick !!

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

So lovely! I cannot wait until you post swatches! I wanted to try all the shadows! But like you said most of the collection was not very appealing.

Laura L said...

hi Kathi,
could u do a swatch on these etude house VIP girl collection?

fuzkittie said...

Those gloss colors are really cute, and they look quite pigmented. Mmmm peachy scent? I'm all over it!!

MiuMiu said...

i think the new collection looks very blah. oh well..i hope something better will come out in the summer

bk377 said...

I agree with your reviews: I was sorely disappointed with this collection as I liked the look of the pink packaging. The only thing I got was the Dual Change eyeliner and that's the same as the regular one just in the pink packaging. I actually use the pink hair velcro bow thing a lot though so it wasn't a total loss.

The new Banila Co Gossip Girl collection is very nice though. Can't wait to hear your take on it.

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