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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring 2009: Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover & Lash Expander Frame Plus

Majolica Majorca was one of the very first Japanese brands I tried out and fell in love with. However in the previous few years this love has cooled down quite a bit as there were really only a few items that stood out.

2 items from MM I can't live without are the Lash Enamel Glamour Neo Mascara (my absolute HG mascara and I used up a few tubes of this already...I always have 1-2 backups of this at home) and the Lash Base (keeps the curl so well!).
For long time their 24hr Pressed Powder Fantasia used to be the only powder I used so I finished about 5 refills of this. However I branched out quite a bit and found other powders I like better.

The Spring collection 2009 is very small. Usually MM comes out with a few pretty new eye palettes but this year they just give us 2 new lipglosses, a mascara and a new powder.

Since I am not so much into squeeze-tube glosses I decided to pick up the new Pressed Pore Cover (1785 JPY for case & refill, 1050 JPY for the refill only) and a tube of the new Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara (1260 Yen).

-Pressed Pore Cover:

The new powder comes in a black case instead of the white one the Pressed Fantasia came in. Also the Powder Fantasia has been discontinued.
I thought the new Pressed Pore Cover would be an upgraded version of the older powder but in my opinion it's more of a downgrade.

The Pore Cover is white in color which also shows up so it can make you look a little chalky/whiter.

It applies nicely but gets blotchy after some time and it doesn't cover my pores at all. Thankfully my pores are small to start with but the Pore Cover doesn't really reduce whatever visible pores I have.

All in all a disappointment and I am happy that I still have a few refills of the older version left.

-Lash Expander Frame Plus:

I know that the Lash Expander Neo is the most popular MM mascara. I personally haven't tried it as I always opted for the volumizing Lash Enamel Glamour Neo as I generally go for volumizing rather than lengthening mascaras.
However the new Lash Expander Frame Plus looked interesting enough to try it out so I ordered a tube.

The mascara comes with a comb applicator but a different style of comb than the other MM mascaras (Lash Gorgeous Wing has a brush btw).

The formula seems to contain lots of fibers you can spot on the comb when you pull out the wand.
You first coat your lashes with the back of the comb (which just looks like a ribbed piece of plastic) and then use the comb to elongate and separate your lashes.

The effect this mascara gives are long feathery lashes so to me it's like an upgraded version of the Lash Gorgeous Wing which gives very natural feathery lashes.

I quite like this as it doesn't weigh down my lashes at all and removes easily.


plue said...

the spring collection will be here soon, i think the next few days or so, am so picking up Lash Expander Frame Plus since I love Lash Expander Neo, might give Enamel Glamour a try, but Muse siad it's clumpy, kind worried here :(

Zuuchini said...

i have one of MM mascara. It works really nice. But one thing, whenever i put it, it stains my lids! it's really frustrating, then i have to wipe it off.

Jamilla Camel said...


I have the Lash Expander Neo and I love it, but I do find that fibers can fall into my eyes, which is not good for contact lens wears. I can solve this problem by using Clarins Double'Fix sealant.

Have you had any falling fiber problems with the Frame Plus?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about ordering that powder! Never mind then. :( Maybe the mascara though. Always wanted to buy one of theirs. :) The only other item I wanted from their spring collection is those tacky spider socks, but I don't know where to buy them. ^-^;

fuzkittie said...

I LOVE the mascara too, too bad the powder isn't too good..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review!

I was waiting eagerly for Adambeauty to list the new MM stuff but it's taking so long that I'm deciding on just getting it from Ichibankao.

Too bad the Pressed Pore Cover didn't work out...the packaging is sooo pretty! I'm not a fan of Lash Gorgeous Wing so now that you said the new Lash Expander is like that...I'm kind of weary. =T

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I'm still waiting for the Frame Plus... I can't even find any Expander or Enamel Glamour on racks now... Luckily, I'd stocked up some during the sale.

Kathi said...

Hi Plue,
my favorite is definitely the Lash Enamel Glamour but my lashes are rather thick so I want more volume than length =D

Hi Jamilla,
I had a few fibers falling down, but not too many. I don't use fiber mascara often though (as I stick more with volumizing formulas) so can't compare if the new MM mascara had more or less fall-out than usual.

someothergalbehindmyshadow said...

hi Kathi,
I really enjoyed reading your review on all the japs make-up products. I decided that I wanted to try out the mascara that you have reviewed, I know that you said majolica's lash enamel glamour is your Holy Grail, but I see you like lash expander as well, which of two would you recommend more? Right now, I am using Dior Blackout waterproof mascara which I adore so much, but jusy decided to go for something else. THX again for your review! Keept it up!

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