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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring 2009: Kate (various items)

Kate is one of my very favorite Japanese brands. Their products rarely disappoint as they're of great quality, come in cool packaging and are well priced. No wonder Kate is so popular in Japan!

The Fall 2008 collection brought us some really nice items. You can read about them here (Deep Trap Eyes, new Gel Eyeliners and a new Glam Trick Eyes quint) and here (Curve Wax Mascara and Rouge Ex).

I am always very excited what the ppl from Kate release for Spring as it's one of the biggest collection every year (Spring and Fall... Winter and Summer are smaller usually).

And I have to say this year really rocks. They came up with a beautiful new green Deep Trap Eyes palette, a new range of eyeshadow palettes called Diamond Cut Eyes, a revamp of their Liquid Eyeliner (now Conc Liquid Eyeliner), a revamp of their Liquid Rouge series (now Liquid Rouge N and some other bits (Click here to see the list on Rouge Deluxe).

I picked up the following pieces:
-Deep Trap Eyes GN-1 (1680 Yen)
-Diamond Cut Eyes BK-1 (1680 Yen)
-Conc Liquid Eyeliner in BK-3 (1470 Yen)
-Liquid Rouge N in BR-2 and RD-2 (1470 Yen/each)
-Rouge Ex in RS-10 (1470 Yen)

-Deep Trap Eyes:

The Deep Trap Eyes are pretty good palettes and have been growing on me over the previous months.
They have a silky pigmented texture and a beautiful shimmery pearl finish.

The new palette in GN-1 contains the following colors:

Ivory, golden beie, deep hunter green, shimmery green (can't really say which tone, sort of a deep seafoam or so?) and hunter green.
This is a GORGEOUS combo, very well checking out!

-Diamond Cut Eyes:

The Diamond Cut Eyes are a brand new addition to the Kate eyeshadow lineup. The Line Spicy N quads have been discontinued therefore. I was a bit astonished when I noticed that as the Line Spicy N quads were just added rather recently.

The Diamond Cut Eyes feature 3 powder shadows and a split pan of glittery gold and silver. The gold/silver pan is really rough and has next to no pigment, just glitter. The glitter in the silver shade is a bit chunkier than in the golden shade though.
These 2 shades are only good to pat on top of the shadows for added sparkle and highlight.

The 3 powder shadows are well pigmented, silky and blend very well. They have a pretty shimmery and pearly finish without any big glitters (as you can add the ones from the gold/silver pan).

I got the palette in BK-1 which is also featured on the Kate website for their "Stolen Jewel" look. Check it out here!

The colors are a silver with blue undertones, deep charcoal and silvery white (+ the gold/silver pan).

-Conc Liquid Eyeliner:

I am not so much a fan of the typical liquid eyeliners. I prefer either gel liners or the super slim liner like Kate Supersharp.
Anyway, I was somehow lemming the Lunasol Noble Shade Liner (which is an excellent range of liquid liners btw) in black but didn't want to splurge on it and since Kate is a Kanebo brand and packaging-wise they looked similar I got Kate's one instead =D

Anyway, the liquid liner is good but not the best I tried. The brush is soft and draws a good line however my common problem with most liquid liners is that I consantly smear the ink on my lashes. I wipe off as much as I can from the wand but still my lashes get dirty and stuck together. The line I can draw with this is quite precise though so it's worth the hassle.

The color could be a little more pigmented but with 2 layers this gives an intense and pretty finish.

I got BK-3 which is a deep black base with mulit-colored shimmer flecks throughout the ink.
I am happy I got this instead of BK-1 which is a standard flat black.

-Liquid Rouge N:

I quite liked the older version of the Liquid Rouge. The new Liquid Rouge N is like a thick pigmented (or sheer, depending on the color) gloss with good staying power and a mirror-shine finish (which is an improvement over the old formula).

The new square tubes fit much better with the overall design of the other Kate products and the content has been doubled from 3g to 6g like a normal lipgloss would contain (so it actually got much cheaper even though the price is still the same)

I got 2 colors and I LOVE LOVE 1 of them sooo much!

BR-2 is the perfect metallic glossy pink bronze shade. It's absolutely gorgeous and I haven't seen a color like this before.

RD-2 therefore is a very bland sheer pink red with a purple iridescence that doesn't show up though.

I should have gotten PK-6 instead of RD-2 which looks similar to BR-2 but more pink.

-Rouge Ex:

I reviewed the Rouge Ex in this post before so I won't go into details regarding texture etc.

The color RS-10 is a gorgeous plummy pink with fine shimmer.

Overall the Kate Spring collection really offers some good pieces to add to the collection.
I would especially recommend the Deep Trap Eyes in GN-1 and the Liquid Rouge N in BR-2.


makeupmag said...

STUNNING! I love those new palettes from Kate. I can't wait till Adambeauty brings them in! :) Thanks for your wonderful photos; they are always so useful in helping me decide what to get/if I should get something! ;)

birkinbagbeauty said...

I am absolutely in love with the pictures you showed me. I already have, and love the GN-1 Deep trap but I think the lipgoss BR-2 is so stunning and the lipstick is so covet-worthy... (and my wishlist keeps growing ;D)

Anonymous said...

i am sorry to say that kate is slowly getting out of my check-it-out list as most things i have tried didn't work. the super sharp liner, the gel liner and the eye shadows...

but you keep taking great pictures with LOTD showing they are great on you and i keep going to check it out.

i think i have to reframe myself from going to the stores as this is a brand that will disappoint me in the end.

you look fab as usual, especially the lips. i want them!

fuzkittie said...

Again you make any lip color look amazing! :D That new Kate palette is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

beautiful colours! how, would u say, do the new diamond cut eyes compare in terms of texture to the deep trap eyes? i've read somwhere that the new ones have a less silkier texture :/

now im itching to get the new green deep eyes~

bk377 said...

Hi Kathi, I've been lurking for a while on your blog and thought I'd finally say hello!

I'd LOVE to try some Kate, especially those e/s palettes but for some reason the brand's not sold in Korea. I might need to try online.

Aside: I've just bought and reviewed the Laneige Spring 09 colletion e/s palettes so if you're interested
would love for you take a look at my blog!

Yunisu said...

I've just got the Lunasol e/l in black from HK (Kanebo in HK is much cheaper than in JP/TW) for about 20euros. To be honest it's quite a disappointment to me. It's very black and dries quickly, however it's very watery which is not my cup of tea and hard for me to handle. Even worse it's an e/l so it's hard to swap away :( I guess I will try the Kate e/l next time when I go back to HK!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I'm eagerly waiting for Adam beauty to get the Diamond Cut eyes in. =Þ

plue said...

ooh! the GN looks fab! i have all the other plattes, so I am hoping this comes into Malaysia soon!

the Diamond sorta disappoint me though, I was hoping the gold/ silver isn't only chunky bits of glitter. :(

and the BR-2 is pretty! I might wanna get one if i see it :) I never have any Kate's lippies, only e/s and gel liners.

as for Line Spicy N, if you ask me, I think the sales is rather poor for it. Hardly mentioned in any magazines or recommended by anyone. I think it didn't really perform that well either. :)

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

the BR 2 Liquid Rouge is lovely. Kate is one of my Top drugstore brand. Just the mascaras, takes me a long painstaking journey in order to remover them...

Lilyeuhh said...

I finally got the Diamond Cut palette in BK-1, and I luuuv it!
I only had Majolica Majorca palettes and used to love them but Kate is my new favebrand!
Their eyeshadows are smoother and silkier!

Can you make a brand comparison between those two brands?

By the way; I love your reviews, keep posting!

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