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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Small haul from Bobodave (Jill Stuart & Magie Deco)

I haven't really ordered many times from Bobodave but they are really one of the best sources to get hard to find items like Jill Stuart's Xmas Coffrets and Limited Editions... (though you will have to pay for the rarity factor...the kits are really expensive).

Anyway, many items are moderately priced and can't be found elsewhere online for decent prices (like Cosme Decorte Magie Deco stuff which is more affordable on Bobodave than other online shops that stock their items)

I had placed a pre-order for a certain item and paid for it some weeks ago but when the item finally came out I didn't need it anymore (for variour reasons) so I asked if I could used the money towards other items. That was possible so I picked the following items:

-Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour in #23 Shiny Onyx
-Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss in #05 Frosted Cheerry
-Cosme Decorte Magie Deco Lipstick in PK851 Twinkle Venus
(Jill Stuart and Cosme Decorte are Kose brands btw)

-Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour & Jelly Lip Gloss:

Hmmmmm...I normally neither like tubed lipglosses nor do I really enjoy the few Jelly Eye Colour I have in my stash. LOL!
The Jelly Eye Colour in #23 is about the 3rd taupe-ish color Jill Stuart released and the one in #23 (from the current Spring collection) looked like the perfect metallic glistening taupe so I finally gave in and ordered it.

And I think the Jelly Lip Gloss ended up in my shopping list firstly because of the pretty tube (I am a sucker, you know!), secondly because fuzkittie posted a FOTD using this gloss (in another color though) and it looked so lush and pretty and the final reason is that my brain just malfunctions when it comes to Jill Stuart hehe =D

The Jelly Eye Colour comes in a very pretty heavy glass jar (everything Jill Stuart makes is pretty, princessy and just adorably cute!).

You have to close the cover VERY well or those little suckers will dry out (one of my Jelly Eye Colour entered Nirvana about 6 months after I bought it as the cover wasn't closing 100% tightly)
The texture is a cool bouncy gel with unexpected amazing color pay-off. My main pet-peeve with gel eyeshadows is the sheer glittery finish they usually give so the one from Jill Stuart is very nice in that point.

You need to be quick when applying the gel shadow as it dries down more or less right away but you can add another layer (not really more as the shadows gets clumpy otherwise).
The Jelly Eye Colour in #23 Shiny Onyx is a gorgeous metallic gray taupe with lots of fine silver glitters throughout.
The result is a glistening taupe that looks really pretty!

As everything Jill Stuart produces this is scented but it doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

Retail is 2200 Yen (about US$ 23) for 6g. I paid a few $ more from Bobodave.
This was a Limited Edition Color and is not available anymore to my knowledge.

The Jelly Lip Gloss comes in the cutest tube you can imagine. It's even adorned with a pink crystal on the top of the cap.

The lightly scented gloss has a slightly sticky texture which lasts decently and gives a very pretty glossy shine.
The color is sheer but shows up on my lips.

The color #05 Frosted Cherry is a pretty light pink with shimmers and goes very well with the Jelly Eye Colour in #23 Shiny Onyx.

Retail is also 2200 Yen. This is marked up higher in most shops, I believe Gooddealer is the cheapest source for this item.

Magie Deco is the trendier but nonetheless quite expensive department store line from Kose's prestige brand Cosme Decorte.
While Kose makes some wonderful cosmetics I think their expensive lines (except for Jill Stuart) are rather mediocre so it's better investing in some Esprique Precious or Visee as the price is right considering the quality.

I was mighty disappointed with the crumbly sheer eyeshadow quints from Magie Deco. For the money they take for the palettes they should really offer great quality.
Anyway, away from the eyeshadows I only tried another few items from Magie Deco and their lipstick was attracting me for some time.

So I finally gave in and added the color PK851 Twinkle Venus to my cart as the last item I wanted to buy.

The Lipstick (yep, no fancy name at all, it's just Lipstick) comes in a pretty pink and silver tube.

The texture of this is not really perfection though as it's rather dry and matte (well, maybe more satin) and doesn't feel really that comfortable to wear. A moisturizing base and maybe a dab of gloss are needed in my opinion.
Therefore the lipstick lasts rather well!

The color PK851 Twinkle Venus is a pretty plummy pink without real shimmer. Best worn with a lipgloss on top.
I am not entirely sure for how much this retails but my guess would be about 3150 Yen or around that.
I paid about US$34 on Bobodave for 5g of Lipstick (which is quite a large lippie considering most contain about 2.5-4 grams)

All in all a nice lot and I enjoy using all 3 items =D

Bobodave also included this cute mini lipgloss with my order! =D


birkinbagbeauty said...

gorgeous gorgeous Jill Stuart items. Thank you for the heads up on the gloss. I thought that gooddealer has the best deal on the gloss...
LOL about your comment about your failing brain when ordering Jill Stuart

Kathi said...

Yea you're right, Gooddealer is cheaper than ichibankao! I forgot to check Gooddealer!

makeupmag said...

I like the new layout. Shiny Onyx looks amazing on you! *lemming*

Laura L said...

the palette is so pretty but it is too expensive for me >.<
the lip gloss is so adorable...comes with a lil pink cute ;)

everything is HEAVEN. small haul yet wonderful <3

PaperedLove said...

Those are gorgeous lip colors! I want em now :(

fuzkittie said...

I wanted Shiny Onyx!!! Ahh and that gloss is SO CUTE! >.<

AskMeWhats said...

wow! the Jelly Eye Colour in #23 Shiny Onyx looks so pretty on you!!!!

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

I love the eye jelly!

Anonymous said...

JS really has the best packaging. so beautiful. that jelly eye shadow is very nice looking. and your lips really can wear any colour but pink is the best on you for sure.

cavano said...

Hi Kathi;
I was going to order this from GD last month but the $30 price tag sets me back lol. Does Shiny Onyx similar to Banila Co Eye Love cream #04? That one is on my WL too :). Thanks!

Kathi said...

Hi Cavano,
the Banila Cream Shadow in 04 is more metallic without any glitter bits. You also have more time for blending before it sets.
All in all the Banila Co would win because of the gorgeous metallic texture, blending time and cheap price

reggi said...

is the lipgloss sticky or drying?? i've been wanting to order some JS lipglosses but dont know anyone that owns any... and i have super dry lips that chap easily so i cant use lipglosses that make lips peel (MAC LIPGLOSSES!!) >=(

Anonymous said...

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.

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