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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kanebo Kracie Naive Natural Deep Cleansing Oil (O) & Peach Cleansing Foam

I've spotted those cute bottles and tubes of Kanebo Kracie Naive products for long time now on eBay.. However I was faithful to my FancL stuff so I didn't order any of the Kracie things (however I tried a few body washes and they smell delicious).

Since I started experimenting more with skincare last year I decided to order a bottle of the Naive Natural Deep Cleansing Oil as it got great reviews on MUA and I also added their Peach Cleansing Foam to my order. That was end of December/early January so I think it's about time to review the items.

-Natural Deep Cleansing Oil (O):

This cleansing oil comes in a transparent green bottle which contains 170ml. The bottle comes without pump which is inconvenient for many however it doesn't bother me as the bottle opens and closes easily and I got used to squirt the oil in my hand without splashing it around everywhere.
The cleansing oil contains olive oil and seems to have a rather short ingredient list (though printed in Japanese).

I LOVE this stuff. Really, it's the most fantastic cleansing oil you can buy for so little money (somewhere around US$6-10 on eBay). It's a rather liquid oil which removes my makeup thoroughly and emulsifies like a dream so there is no hint of oiliness left over after washing this off.
I feel it leaves my skin really clean but not tight or dry. I actually sometimes feel no need to follow with a foaming cleanser but I do (out of habit I guess).
This also smells very nice, a fresh slightly citrus-y scent.
It doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't cause pimples. I used about 2/3 of the bottle already and will definitely repurchase this.

-Peach Cleansing Foam:

I got this from Sasa for US$6.40 incl. 30% extra so the tube is quite large with 156g content (normal size is 120g).
This is a white pearlescent thick cream which lathers up really nicely to a dense rich foam.
It removes dirt and oil quickly but is also slightly harsh and drying.
I use very little of this in the morning or at night after my cleansing oil.
It smells sweet but not really like peach in my opinion.
It's good but not outstanding.


A. Rose said...

Hmmm...may have to try that Kanebo cleansing oil. Thanks for the reviews :)

Laura L said...

hmm, I'm so curious about the cleansing oil... too bad, I'm not a fans of foam...
Will u purchase again the Kanebo Kracie Naive cleansing oil?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Kathi,
I have been trying the Naive deep cleansing oil the last couple of days, and I absolutely agree with you. It is so wonderfully light and it cleanses the right stuff away (but is not drying). Absolutely top notch!

fuzkittie said...

That cleansing oil sounds really good!! :D

Anonymous said...

you purchased the peach cleansing foam from sasa, have you ever been taxed by customs?

I heard from other people that they got a huge tax from customs.

Also, where do you purchase your skinfood products from? Since I know g-market doesn't send skinfood products internationally anymore

PaperedLove said...

Hmm that Kanebo cleansing oil sounds like it really works! I really wanna try it now :]

Unknown said...

I had both and I agree with you. My oil wasn't the olive but the orange one and I love it. I have TISS now that it's more expensive but I don't think is better. So when I finish it I will buy another Kracie bottle and put it in the pump bottle of TISS hehe.
I found that the cream is good as a body shower cream.

reggi said...

you should try kose softymo deep cleansing oil too! (yellow bottle) it's cheap and it's available at most japanese markets in the US. and of course, it works really well =)

PS: i love your blog! =D i love love LOVE japanese and korean makeup!

kuri said...

thanks to your review, I gave it a try. I really like it so far; gentle and effective. The packaging is not so convenient for daily use, but it'll be good for travel. And I really like the price!

Anonymous said...

hi, nice to find your blog :)

wanto to ask you, i found in MUA that the main ingredients for this cleansing oil is mineral oil. does it do no harm on your skin?

can you tell me more about the irrirant ingredient?

thanks before :)

.blushfully. said...

Ooohh I've been wondering whether to try that Kanebo Olive Cleansing Oil! I'm so gonna get it now hehehe ^^v

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