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Sunday, March 21, 2010

B&C Clear Last W Hyaluronate Moisture Essence SPF16 PA++ & Face Concealer

Yea I know I wrote a lot about skincare, bodycare and hair stuff over the previous weeks... I hope I am not boring anyone! I used to be pretty strictly a makeup blog only but started to branch out to other cool Japanese beauty products away from makeup =D (I somehow don´t have so much new makeup to review right now as I skipped quite a few Spring collections but looking forward to the summer stuff from Majolica Majorca and others!). I still have a few items to review though (Fasio mascara, Maquillage eyeshadow, Coffret D´or lippies etc. so expect more makeup review coming soon!)

Anyway, here is a makeup review =D Well, 2 Clearlast makeup bases from B&C so something between skincare and makeup at least =D

I´ve spotted these makeup bases for some time now on Adambeauty but since I have a ton of makeup bases somehow didn´t feel the urge to order them. I still have too many makeup bases but suddenly really wanted to try these ones from B&C out so I ordered the W Hyaluronate Moisture Essence SPF16 PA++ (Treatment Primer) and the Face Concealer (Base Make Primer) from Clearlast.

What attracted me was the pretty pastel packaging (yes, again I admit I am shallow!). The tubes are very tiny though (only 20g per tube!!) so they´re not really what I´d call value for money (I paid US$13 incl. shipping which is actually less than the Japanese retail price of 1260 Yen!).

W Hyaluronate Moisture Essence SPF16 PA++ Treatment Primer:
The Moisture Essence comes in a pale pink tube.
This is a moisturizing makeup base with a little color so it will even out the skin-tone a little.

The Moisture Essence is really nice and makes my skin very soft and smooth and the added color gives a nice smooth canvas for the following foundation.
This is tinted in a light yellow beige but it´s so sheer that it blend into my natural skin-tone without any problems.

Something a bit unusual for Japanese brands is the fragrance. It´s a light floral scent which bothers me a little anc could be really annoying for others.

Face Cocealer Base Make Primer:
This comes in the light yellow tube.
It´s a lovely liquid powdery base giving a velvety finish to the skin. To me this feels more oil-controlling than any of the other makeup bases I use however it´s not drying in my opinion. So when you smooth this on it first feels like a soft cream but quickly transforms into a powdery texture.

The Face Concealer has a bit of a medium beige tint to it but this is as sheer as the other base that it blends into my skin really well without giving a yellow or ocher tint I was expecting when I saw the color the first time.

This also seems to give a hint of pearlescence but it´s nearly not visible.
Since this offers super sheer coverage it evens out the skin-tone a little bit but not dramatically so.
This is perfumed, too!

Overall I am quite happy with both bases as they create a nice smooth base for foundation and even out my skin-tone slightly. They don´t irritate my skin (I actually thought they would due to the scent and the yellow one due to the powdery texture).
I could live without the perfume though and think for the price they should come in larger tubes (30g or more!)


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