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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Finds: NTP Japan Perfect Brush - Shadow Brush #1 & Face Brush #6

I use a wild collection of brushes from Clinique, MAC, Laneige, Banila Co, Etude House, no-name brands etc. I am pretty happy with the brushes I have but I was searching for a 2nd shadow brush for lid application and a nice fluffy face brush as the no-name one I used is a little scratchy (not that bad though).

Adambeauty lists the expensive (but excellent) Tesshyu Takemori brushes. I got his dual-ended shadow brush and the eyelash comb about a couple of years ago and been using them regularly ever since. I thought about getting the face brush but then recently saw this cheap brand on Adambeauty called NTP Japan for US$8.50 per brush... I thought that the brushes are probably crap but I decided to pick up 2 of them to check the quality out.

Each brush came in a protective clear plastic pouch and is supposedly made of natural hair (I couldn´t find the exact kind written). The handles are made of a shiny black material.

When I got the brushes I was quite surprised by how soft the bristles feel.
The Face Brush #6 is dense and soft and has a rather flat top. It distributes face powder in a thin very fine coat so it looks really even and natural.
Very good brush for the cheap price in my opinion! I´ve been using this daily for the past week and noticed that there was nearly no shedding, too. Maybe 3 or 4 bristles at all, even after washing.

The Shadow Brush #1 is perfect for packing on shadow on my lids. It´s a dense rounded brush on the flatter side so it deposits a lot of color and aids really well in blending the shadow into my crease and eye socket.
This didn´t shed at all however there was one hair that was longer than the rest so I had to trim it.

Overall I am deeply impressed and will probably pick up a few more items (blush brush and the other eyeshadow brush, too).


galpal.hi said...

I see that you purchase a lot from Adambeauty. I haven't ever ordered from them. Mai and I are always searching for good brushes (inexpensive is always a plus) so this was a wonderful review to read. (Mai says that she's a brush whore. LOL!) Maybe we will look into trying out these brushes too.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you´re writing about these brushes... I saw them yesterday on the same page and was thinking about wheter to buy it or not.. and the low price really made me kinda suspicious if its a good quality or not... Good to see that there are also some great inexpensive beauty tools out there :)

best regards

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