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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rohto Eye Moisturizer (overnight treatment)

I am really extremely happy with the Eye Wash Lotion from Rohto which I use daily. I recently ordered a (I think new) product from Rohto which is an "Eye Moisturizer" to use during the night.

The Eye Moisturizer comes in a very pretty bottle which looks more like a perfume or nail color bottle. You can use this up to 6 times a day but I only use it at night which is the intended usage.
The 4 active ingredients are printed here:

They are helping to relief eye tiredness, promote blood circulation, moisturize and hydrate the eyes.
Unlike the Rohto Lycée eyedrops this product does not have a cooling sensation or burning feeling so I personally feel it´s very comfortable to use.

All in all this is a really nice product. I can´t say how well this moisturizes my eyes lol... but my eyes feel comfortable and I didn´t have problems with the scratch on my cornea since I started using this (as the scratch stings when my eye gets too dry which is a rather painful experience).

I got this from Alphabeautyuk on eBay.


Jess said...

Thanks for this review, Kathi!
I myself have extremely dry eyes, and always have red-veined eyes (especially when I wear my hard contacts) easily.

I do feel some scratches (in the morning) which is quite painful. I've already been to the doctors, but he said my eyes were alright. So... I really wanna try this out some time!

Where did you get it from?

Patchoulissime said...

Have you tried other Rohto eyedrops (besides the Lycée ones) and how did you like them?

I, too, have really dry and sensitive eyes and I'm always looking for something that would really moisturize and soothe my poor eyes, and for someone reason I've always found the Rohto products really interesting.

Most products just tend to irritate my eyes, so it would be nice to hear what other people think about them before ordering.

chronic dry eyes said...

Chronic Dry eyes develop due to the eyes not producing adequate amount of tears. There are many symptoms of chronic dry eyes which includes itchiness, prickliness, sensitiveness to light, blurry eyesight, dryness etc.It develops as your age grows, menopausal phase or medical disorders. Turbulent weather conditions, smoke, air-conditioners and heaters, constant wear of contact lenses can increase the risk of dry eyes.

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