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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jelly Pong Pong Muffin & Meringue Gloss Set

I´ve been given the oppurtunity to test and review a few products from Jelly Pong Pong and here is my first review =) If you are interested in this brand then go to their website. They ship within the EU, to the USA and other selected destinations.
Jelly Pong Pong is a very interesting edgy brand with the most kawaii and adorable kind of packaging you can find!

Here is more info:

Among the goodies was this super adorable box which looks like it could house some pretty cute candies but in fact it contained 2 lip glosses.

The box is actually quite big and so are the lipglosses as each tube contains a whopping 22ml which is about 2x-3x as much as regular lipgloss contains!
The tubes are small and fat and super cute =) They remind me of those bubble gum in tubes I liked to purchase when I was a kid!

The included glosses are Cherry Meringue and Muffin Gloss. Cherry Meringue comes in a light blue tube whereas Muffin in a light pink one. I just love the cute prints on the tubes!

The glosses are scented and have a sweet taste. Not too strong at all however I am just not used to sweet lipgloss so I constantly lick my lips =P

The gloss texture is very thin and slick but it dries down a little on my lips leaving more of a soft stain than an ultra glossy finish. I quite like this but I honestly prefer a bit thicker glosses but probably because I am just used to them.

The colors are really pretty, Muffin is a light pink and Cherry Meringue is a soft sheer red.

All in all I enjoy the glosses very much and I am sure they will last me forever since each tube is so generously sized!


Paris B said...

I've always loved the name of this brand - its so cute! And the products look about as cute as Japanese/Asian cosmetics yes? ;)

vanilla said...

wow its HUGE!
too damn cute!!:P

Jeweled Thumb said...

Those are absolutely adorable! And nearly 3/4 of an ounce per tube! I'd never finish one!

Unknown said...

that IS huge!!! love it! <3

Anonymous said...

they're so cute little darlings!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, I love the packaging and size!

Georgina said...

WHOA i've never seen a lipgloss that HUGE in my life. you're right, it will surely last a lifetime. hahaha! the name is too cute and the colors look pretty!

nadia said...

nice color! wanna buy it but too bad I'm located in Asia :(

Kathi said...

Hi Nadia,
did you check their website to see if they ship to your place? I think they ship to the majority of countries worldwide!

Marce said...

OMG these are SO cute! Love the packaging and the colours!

nadia said...

I've just sent them an email asking about the shipping. I'm so excited to get that gloss :)

Valili said...

Wow the package is so cute!!!
Definitely going to check this brand out!

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