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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Beautymate Sheet Mask & Body Lotion Set & small Giveaway!

I´ve seen a few positive reviews pop up for Beautymate sheet masks (Birkinbagbeauty and Musingsofamuse and maybe a few others) and I found this fabulous deal on Sasa so I decided to venture into this (new to me) brand.

Beautymate products are produced in Taiwan and the things are printed in Chinese but the Shinkazu Nihhon company behind it seems to be based in Japan. Supposedly nano-technology is being used for producing the masks (nano seems to be THE hit among Asian brands these days!)

Beautymate offers a plethora of various sheet masks for all kinds of skin needs! The products are very affordably priced on Sasa as you just pay about US$6 for a box of 7 masks.

I purchased the mega set which comes with 17 various face and eye masks and a full-sized bottle of body lotion so you can try out different masks to see which ones you like most! And all that for less than 20 bucks! Everything is packed in a huge nice box even with a pink handle to carry it (wherever you would want to carry this lol)

First off I want to review the Rose Nano Body Lotion. There is not much to say about it, it´s downright nice! It´s a lightweight light pink lotion with a rose scent (think fresh rose, not a heavy powdery one!). It makes my skin soft and smooth and I enjoy using it!

The bottle contains 250ml so it´s full-sized. Some good stuff among the ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Mint and Vitamin B5. Please check the pic of the back of the bottle for more details (click to enlarge as the pink letters on the light pink lotion are hard to see).

Now on to the masks...
Since I had bad experience with the My Beauty Diary masks I am a bit vary when it comes to Taiwanese masks (stupid, I know!) but the ones from Beautymate fully make up for my negative experience with My Beauty Diary (btw, those who thought I purchased fake masks: They were definitely authentic as I purchased them from a 100% trusted seller from whom I got dozens of products already and never had a problem!)

I tried several of the masks in the mask set (will post their details below) and I can sum up the positive points about the masks:
-Fantastic fit! The masks are cut perfectly to cover my face without many wrinkles etc.
-Very soft cloth
-Heavily saturated with the slightly viscous essence but not so much that the masks start to slide off!
-Skin gets super soft and smooth so I want to touch it all the time!
-No irritation at all despite my allergy-prone sensitive skin!
-Nice scent (different for each mask) which is light and not overpowering.

There are seriously no negatives I could complain about!

The eye masks are just as nice! Good cut (they cover a good part of my cheeks, too), lots of essence, super smooth skin, no irritation etc! I used one of the 3 included pairs at night for just like 10 minutes and when I woke up I still could feel the super soft smooth skin the mask left behind.

Here are the masks included (please click on the pics, the properties and ingredients are printed in English on the back of the masks so please check them):

-3x Refining Smooth Nano Mask (golden package):

-3x Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Mask (green package):

-2x Purifying and Hydrating Nano Mask (yellow package):

-2x Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask (purple package):

-2x Aomori Green Apple Nano Mask (light green package):

-2x Yamagata Cherry Nano Mask (pink package):

The included eye masks are (1 each):

-Q10 Reset Nano Eye Mask:

-Bright-Up Nano Eye Mask:

-Collagen Smooth Nano Eye Mask:

All in all I am totally thrilled with this set and have ordered another one as it´s really great value for money =) I also got me some more of the Yamagata masks and some other ones (like the eye masks)!

I will give 2 Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Masks to a randomly selected commenter below. Just comment on this post and make sure I can easily contact you some way (email or if you have a blog then through your Cbox if you have one etc.). Winner will be picked on Friday the 12th, 3 PM (my time, that´s the Zurich-Vienna time-zone). Open worldwide, shipping via airmail


Laura L said...

oh, so far I have not see this brand occur in my local sasa yet. but it sounds promising...

enter me in your giveaway...

Thank you

Allison said...

face masks! I hope they work really nicely because I am a face mask addict so I will definitely give it a try once reviews are up.

please enter me also!

Rica said...

I haven't seen this brand here in Sasa! I really admire your passion with Japanese and Korean brands! I learn a lot from your blogs and can relate now whenever I go venturing for Japanese and Korean makeups here in Hong Kong! LOL!

Robi said...

i love give away! enter me please!

Bea said...

I would love to try anti blemish repair nano mask.

please include me in this give away thanks..

rosebutter said...

i would love to try this mask :)

Zoe said...

I am a mask lover so will def look forthis^^thanks for the review, I am really interested in the eye masks..

Jem said...

i have not yet tried this.i actually prefer natural mask, but i heard good reviews about this!

DinaXYYan said...

These masks sound promising! I'll look for them if i go to Taiwan :D


Anonymous said...

Anti-blemish suits my skin type!

Carmen said...

ooh that's a fantastic find =]
i've always wanted to try those sheet masks!
enter me as well hehe thanks!

Elana said...

I've always wanted to try this brand as I was browsing sasa! =)

Fiona Star said...

i love my beauty diary masks actually, but i'd love to try these masks out because the packaging looks lovely and it has that nano-technology thing which i've never tried before. first time hearing of the brand!

please enter me in your giveaway! (:

Valili said...

I read a lot about asian brand masks but never got the chance to try one as I live in Canada.
And I've heard about Sasa only recently..
Please enter me in your giveway =D
Thank You!!^^

Unknown said...

I would love to try this mask! Did you purchase the set from sasa? $20 seems like quite a steal!

Sheila said...

I was looking at these when shopping online at They totally reminded me another version of my beauty mask, lol!

I'm glad they worked out for you, I'll consider these the next time I'm at Sasa =D

Amber said...

such a worthy buy you've got there. lots of mask with a small price.

yeah kinda agree that despite lots of rave about Beauty Diary masks, there are a few which are not up to expectation.


Ange said...

hi, da du aus österreich kommst,
kann ich auch auf deutsch schreiben ^^
ich find deine reviews ziemlich toll und hilfreich, da ich in letzter zeit mich immer mehr für asiatische produkte interessiere.

Normalerweise finde ich die Produkte aus Japan und Korea interessanter, aber die Masken aus Taiwan müssen ziemlich gut sein. Es wäre toll, wenn ich am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen darf XD
Falls ich gewinnen sollte, wäre das voll cool, weil ich unbedingt etwas meine "blemishes" tun muss. haha

Liebe grüße,

mail: lovecrime[@]

Anya said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

The Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Masks sound just perfect for my stubborn acne skin!

Valerie said...

ooo enter me! :D

Vivian Wang said...

Never tried this brand, but I used a lot my beauty dairy mask. Is it better than my beauty dairy?

Samy said...

please enter me!

Swtest2Lips said...

Thanks for the review and the giveaway! enter me pls. thank you

swtest2lips at yahoo

skyblueinsf said...

Thanks for your offer~ I usually don't get the luck to win stuff... anyway, I got the Brighten up eye mask from sasa online too. Tried one time last week.

Anonymous said...

oooo the packagings cute, i hope the contents are just as good!
Please enter me

cleung341 said...

Wow what a nice mask haul. Too bad the MBD masks didnt work out for you. Sheet masks are such a nice way to wind down from a long day, isn't it?

Ines said...

As I am a person who thinks that face masks are the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to my skin, pls enter me in your giveaway.


janny said...

i really love this brand too but i have yet to try the anti-blemish mask
please enter me in your giveaway

Stephanie said...

Ooh I've been wanting to try out some masks! Enter me please :)

lilmizzruby said...

cool giveaway...totally wanna enter!

mandy said...

What a great deal! And a big variety too! No need to buy more for a little while :P Glad to hear that these work better than the MBD.

Please enter me!

nancy said...

this looks awesome, I would love to try this!! :D

Stylista Fitness said...

I just used one of these! A strawberry mask. I looked freaky but I think it made my face soft :)

Jenny said...

Sounds like a fabulous find, would love to try it out. And thank you for your generosity

Denysia said...

I love face masks! :D

Jamie said...

yay!! its perfect because i have acne prone skin! :) thank you so much for this opportunity to try out this brand and this mask!

Việt Thảo said...

I would like to try these masks, count me in your give away :) Thanks!

Kat C. said...

I really appreciate this post, because a friend is going to HK yet, and i think i'd have her buy these for me :)

katch05 at gmail dot com

Vivi said...

wow that's such a great price for the products. I'm glad they worked out well for you.
I haven't heard of this brand before, so please enter me in your giveaway.

orangeymonkey (at) gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

All those beauty masks! Droool haha

Please enter me in your giveaway!

Anonymous said...

OOoo forgot my email -_-

superwoolu said...

so many masks!!! i actually saw this brand on sasa and was debating if I should get it because blogs were mentioning it!


Unknown said...

:o .. so many comments but anyway please enter me ^_^

myolie said...

i would love to try these masks,pls enter me in your giveaway.
and i'm so glad i'm not late this time( coz i am always late everytime you have sale and giveaways). ^ ^

Amy said...

I'm glad these masks work for you! I've heard about them before.

Please enter me into the giveaway:

babysaffron said...

I love mask and hope that this will work on my anti...
Thanks for the reviews...

Unknown said...

great review!
enter me please:D

♥ Starryxuan said...

The masks sounds nice :) Enter me in please :)

Yas724 said...

NICE! I wanna join


Natalia said...

wow! that looks really good *o* and is cheap~
I was reading your review about B.B cream skin79 :) I just order the Hot Pink one ^^ It's my first bb cream~ ooh well, if you say that that face masks are great I will have to try them :) but first I need to save some cash!
Good luck everyone~

(Sorry if there is something wrong, my english isn't that great ._.")

Patchoulissime said...

The masks sound great, I will definitely order some!

Please enter me in your giveaway :)

Rhania E. said...

hun.. count me in.. thanks for sharing this review..

hugs and kisses,

OrangeKiss said...

Ohh I've never heard of these mask before. I'm surprised that they're cheaper than MBD but still as effective. Thanks for introducing it to us!!!

Please include me also:

Annie Dong said...

Yay, sheet masks! :D

miss DOT wiggle AT live DOT com, or though my cbox.

Catherine said...

Oooh, these sound so fantastic! I'm going to have to try them out soon because I wasn't that impressed with most of the MBD masks I tried either (though I love Q10 and Intensive Rice Peptides).

catherine at strawberrymochi dot com

velphiny said...

i would love to try these masks...
enter me pls :D

Mich said...

ooooh yet another great beauty find. Definitely need to try this brand out.

Enter me in your giveaway please :)


vanilla said...

count me in!hehe
just leave me a comment if i win

Angela said...

wow the set looks really nice. I'm going to check that out on sasa.


Serena said...

I would sure look out for this masks when I head to Taiwan. :) Hopefully my sensitive skin can take this.

My email is

Whitepiano555 said...

that looks good!!!

enter me in your giveaway.. ^___^


whitepiano555 (at) hormail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Wow.. You make me really want to try these masks XD They sound so good!

Please enter me :]

and my blog is

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I would like to enter for the giveaway!

J said...

Ooohh! I've yet to try any taiwanese masks. Wouldn't mind giving this a go.

Anonymous said...

Please enter me ^^
Viele Gruesse aus Deutschland!!

Piper said...

would love to try these

nettysgirl at

Lia said...

The packaging alone makes me wanna use the masks. I love bright colors on my beauty products. :) Can you leave those masks on overnight? I have very bad breakouts, so Im kind of worried when Im trying out new stuff.

and oh the giveaway sounds great! count me in! ohsnap.lia at

Squinky and Pink said...

I would love to try them ^u^


Tam said...

those look great!
thanks for the giveaway!

Tam said...

lovely masks!
thanks for the giveaway!

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