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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cosmetex Roland Magical Shot Lip Treatment Serum - Lip Gloss & Treatment

This was another purchase from Sasa recently. You might remember that I quite like this obscure Japanese brand Cosmetex Roland so I am picking up whatever pops up on Sasa (and as long as it´s suitable for my skin-type and useful for me)

The Magical Shot Lip Treatment Serum Lip Gloss & Treatment comes in a shiny pink metallic box with big fat lips and lots of stuff printed on =) As I said before I think their packaging is kinda cute, a little messy and not really designed to look refined but still nice! =P

The Lip Treatment Serum itself comes in a simple white and pink squeeze-tube with a slanted applicator.
I didn´t put this in my "Inexpensive Beauty Finds" category as this wasn´t that cheap honestly. Nearly US$10 for 1 tube isn´t little in my opinion. Still you get a generous size (a whopping 12g!) and the price is right.

This is a gloss and lipcare in 1 item and I really love this stuff! It´s a slick gloss which is not overly sticky and it makes my lips soft and gives a pretty glossy finish. It´s clear and doesn´t have any scent or taste. The lasting power is good, about 1-2 hours at least.
While you might think this is a plumping gloss (aka tingly or cooling sensation) this is just a glossy lipbalm, no menthol or camphor or other stuff like that added.

Overall this is a great little item to use, I like wearing this when I only slap on BB Cream and nothing else. My lips look healthy and glossy and I am good to go!


Unknown said...

i wonder if night & morning printed on the package has any meaning (in terms of before & after?!) or if it is just the usual "random english word" as found on many eastasian products.
maybe this stuff makes your lips more i am somewhat curious

Kathi said...

No I think it just refers to the use of this lipcare as a day moisturizer and overnight treatment.
The lipgloss is clear, it might make your lips look pinker but only due to the added gloss coat, it doesn´t tint the skin at all

Unknown said...

Which SaSa did you go to get it?

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