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Friday, March 19, 2010

Kosé Cosmeport Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil & Speedy Cleansing Wash

I am currently on a cleansing oil/face cleanser kick. Totally insane I know but I have now a decent stash of cleansing oils and face washes waiting in my beloved backup stash drawer to be used (I don´t use more than *ahem* 3 cleansing oils and face washes at the same time (so I have about 6 bottles standing around cluttering up my bathroom lol *sigh*)...

Recently after finishing my Shiseido Tiss 2-way Off Oil (which I really liked but haven´t reviewed yet) and the HA Bubble Face Wash from Juju Aquamoist I started using the Speedy Cleansing Oil and Speedy Cleansing Wash from Kosé Cosmeport Softymo.

The cleansing oil from Softymo comes in 3 different kinds: Deep Cleansing Oil (yellow bottle/blue label), Deep Cleansing Oil White (yellow bottle/white label with blue circle) and the Speedy Cleansing Oil (light pink bottle/light blue label). I picked up the Deep Cleansing Oil and the Speedy Cleansing Oil from Sasa recently and decided to use the Speedy Cleansing Oil first simply because it is pink lol (yes, I am THAT shallow!). I also got a bottle of the Speedy Cleansing Wash which is a mild facial soap.

First off the Speedy Cleansing Oil and Speedy Cleansing Wash are really inexpensive. I got the cleansing oil in a value pack for US8.80 for a bottle containing 230ml and a refill with 170ml...that´s 400ml for that price!
The 230ml bottle of Speedy Cleansing Wash cost me US$8.80, too. Still a reasonable price in my opinion! That contains shipping already but I should add about US$1.5 per item as I paid customs fees (still a good deal =D)
I got both items from

The bottles both contain a pump dispenser and are generously sized (230ml as I mentioned, most other face washes are around 120-150ml in my experience).
The design of these isn´t cute or that pretty but I somehow dig them nonetheless. They look sort of "exotic" with all that Japanese written on them hehe (I am shallow I said!)=P

Speedy Cleansing Oil:
The oil has a lightweight and thin texture. It´s very slick so 2 pumps easily cover all my face and give a pleasant slip for massaging my skin.

This is an excellent makeup remover as it leaves my skin very clean but not dry or tight. It emulsifies perfectly leaving no gross greasy film behind. As soon as the oil comes in contact with water it will turn milky and wash off really well. I also use this around my eyes to remove last traces of eye makeup.
I can´t detect a scent at all so I suppose it´s perfume-free.
All in all I am very pleased with this oil and can highly recommend it!

Speedy Cleansing Wash:
This is supposed to be a 2-in-1 cleanser for removing makeup and cleansing your face in 1 step. I just can´t do that though! I need a cleansing oil or else I will always think there must be some makeup left over on my face!

But I really love this as my face cleanser in the morning and to use after the Speedy Cleansing Oil at night to double-cleanse my skin.
This happens to be my first Japanese face wash that has a regular liquid soapy texture, not this thick whipped shimmery texture the foaming face washes tend to have (as the Muse says, much like good old razor paste).
I use 1-2 pumps and lather this up with a little water. It creates really rich and mild bubbles and doesn´t strip my skin too much of its natural oils.

This has a pleasant light fresh scent and is really mild, not too drying for my sensitive skin.

My first forray into Kosé Softymo´s cleansing oils has been a really positive experience and I also love the liquid face soap!
Since I have a refill pack this oil will last me quite a while (I am guessing easily 3 months or more with daily use!).


Paris B said...

Hooray! These cleansing oils are awesome and I was going to order the Speedy Cleansing Wash recently but didn't LOL Maybe next time. BTW You got an awesome awesome deal!

Vi said...

hello, there. Nice blog! While I don't read Japanese, but I do read Chinese characters. And the bottle did say "colorant and fragrance free" and I think the ingredients containa specific type of oil (maybe derived from plants) hope that helps!

BV said...

OMG - this is the exact same cleansing oil I am using at the moment!

Yay - twins!!

Yep, I agree - this cleansing oil is really good. Man, I wish I got a special set though... I also used Softymo whitening which is yellow - I really hated this one.

Pink is the way to go IMO - also, looks cuter! I will definitely get this one again when I use up the other 3 cleansing oils I currently have in the bathroom!! (eeks)

thanks for post

Anonymous said...

I just bought one today. And yes, I think it's good.:-)Yay:-)

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