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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jelly Pong Pong Shadow Taffy + Nude & Improved Eye Shadow Base

Here is my review for 2 more products from Jelly Pong Pong (the site ships to the EU, USA and other selected destinations) =)
When I saw the Shadow Taffy in my package kindly provided by the Jelly Pong Pong customer service I gasped as it was such a pretty little box shaped like a bird cage with a birdie sitting inside! How cute is that?

The little bird is sitting on top of the (quite huge) compact housing 2 eyeshadows. There seems to be only one color combo and honestly when I opened the compact I first thought this stuff must be for my face, not eyes as one color was a shimmery copper and the other one bright pink.

The Shadow Taffy is "thicker than a cream, more long-lasting than a mousse" (click on pic to read the details...there is also a promo code printed =) )

Anyways, the texture is very creamy and well pigmented. It doesn´t dry down like e.g. the Hydro-Powder from Shiseido so I was worried this would turn into crease city. However when I wore the copper shade all day long (over the Nude & Improved Eye Shadow Base which will be reviewed below) there was only minimal creasing and the sheer metallic glazed look was seriously pretty even though I am usually staying away from copper!

I think this would look amazing especially on blue or green eyes (it brings out the greenish flecks in my eyes, too!)!

In all honesty i am a bit intimitated by the pink shade lol! I just don´t use these kind of colors on my eyes but it makes a fab blush!

The Nude & Improved Eye Shadow Base is a thick wood pencil. The base itself is very creamy and spreads perfectly without tugging etc. It also covers the color of the lids very well providing a smooth base.

It held the Shadow Taffy in place well so I am very pleased with its overall performance!

The only little draw-back is that the color is too dark for me. The color is "Bare" which will probably fit the majority of ladies but since I am so pale it´s a bit too dark. Not a problem when I want to wear darker colors but doesn´t work with lighter ones for me. There are 3 colors to choose from so I think it would fit a variety of skin-tones.

Overall I am happy with both the products and will continue using them! The sizes are as usual very generous and the packaging is too cute for words and so very uniquely Jelly Pong Pong!


Jeanjean said...

The shades look so pretty on your lovely fair skin. I wonder if the eyeshadow has long-lasting power. Do you need a base before applying the eyeshadow ?

Catherine said...

That's so impractical but terribly cute!

superwoolu said...

that copper is surprisingly pretty!

Laura L said...

nice color, even you didn't put on heavy eye makeup, your EOTD is still so nice <3

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! do you know that i am a bird fanatic???!!! I need that cream shadwo duos. OMG! I need it now. it's amazing!

Shop N' Chomp said...

As someone who has a bird, that is tooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

i think the format of the pncil looks a bit crap because you lose so much product when you sharpen it x

Marie ♡ RetroRaven said...

It's nice to see a cutesy makeup company from the UK that isn't directly for teens and kids. The bird on the taffy compact is so charming!

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