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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover

I haven´t purchased anything from Skin Food in ages but after reading this review on Musings of a Muse I decided I definitely wanted to try it.

The Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover comes in a pretty bottle which contains 160ml. It´s a dual-phase remover which I need as I always wear waterproof mascaras (the majority of Japanese mascaras seem to be waterproof by default btw).

The 2 phases are white and purple and mix into a white milky liquid when you shake the bottle. They need some time to separate unlike the majority of dual-phase cleansers as they usually go back into their 2 phases very quickly after shaking.

The Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover has a very light nice scent which reminds me of coconut milk but it´s really light and barely noticable.

The cleansing power of this is downright awesome. Just soak your cotton pads and this stuff really removes all kinds of waterproof mascaras and shadows etc. like a breeze without much rubbing and tugging around. I also don´t experience any burning or stinging sensation so I am very happy with this.
The Muse had problems as this gave her a blurred vision which to my delight doesn´t happen to me. But it could be because I remove my eye makeup, then use my cleansing oil (also around my eyes) and regular cleanser and then my Rohto Eye Wash Lotion.

I got this on eBay (seller skinfoodbestprice) for US$13.99 incl. shipping to Austria. Not the cheapest remover but the bottle will last quite a while and the product itself is excellent. The seller was friendly and included some samples but it took her 2 weeks to ship my item which annoyed me a lot. Next time I will contact rumistyle and skinfood2you to see for how much they offer this!


Robi said...

you are lucky that it takes ONLY 2 weeks to arrive. If I order anything outside UE it takes AT LEAST a month to arrive to Italy, 3 months (more or less) if the pack has a tracking code, and of course you have to pay the 20% of the value of your order to the post to let it released. would you believe it? it's really disappointing. That's why I prefer doing orders only within EU... and it still takes 2 whole weeks to arrive (unless some rare occasions in which the pack arrives in 5 working days)! :(

Laura L said...

awww, i think skinfood2u will be cheaper than rumistyle, but so far, I only get from rumistyle and she is really good... in my opinion :)

Kathi said...

i meant she took 2 weeks to dispatch my item. It then took another 10 days to arrive.
Guess we're lucky here in Austria as packages from everywhere in the world arrive rather quick.

Hi Ning,
i like both sellers =D i will email them to check their prices next time!


.blushfully. said...

Oohhh gotta try this. I'm liking the Milk Cleansing Gel/Lotion from Skin Food and this is a must try for me. Thanks for your review ;)

Coco said...

I ordered this from my supplier and am waiting for it to arrive from Korea! How would you say this compares to Etude House's Lip & Eye Makeup Remover?

Jiniya said...

Skin Food's really good stuff! I noticed skinfoodbestprice's Milk Shake remover the other week and wanted to try it, but wasn't sure since I had bought a bunch of stuff earlier.. what a coincidence that you get this review! :) Thanks for putting it up! I wanna buy this now.

I personally have found that seller sends my things out in a day and I got them in 2-3 days. Then again, I'm in California, so that probably explains things.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I tried this before but it doesn't really removed my waterproof mascara as well as L'oreal Eye & Lip Remover...

Anonymous said...

Your review about this product is very interesting.

Sofie said...

Thanks very much for the review! I always has a trouble with these kind of removers, my eyes gets blurred afterwards ><;

Patrizia said...

Looks so great. I am looking for a eye make-up remover, maybe I will try this one because the Skinfood products I recently tried are so nice!

BaobeiBearlaoshi said...


Can de milkshake point makeup remover be used fir the entire face?

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