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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creer Beauté Habanero & Jolokia Bathing Salts

When I spotted the new bath salts from Creer Beauté I immediately was repelled as they are so not cute! They are sort of freaky and ugly but still after some evaluation I decided to pick up a bag of each kind.

Creer Beauté produces the rather popular "La Rose de Versailles" beauty products (like eyeliners and face masks) based on the popular anime series from quite some time ago (I used to watch "Lady Oscar" when I was like 13-14? So I guess the series is from the early 90ies?). While in all honesty the La Rose de Versailles characters/their way of drawing don´t appeal to me at all (never liked Lady Oscar, way too masculine for my taste) I still got an eyeliner to try out (which shall be reviewed soon, too!)

Anyway, the bathing salts are supposed to make you sweat while bathing and turn your water red (Habanero) or green (Jolokia). The included hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid make your skin soft and smooth.

I can´t say if the bathing salts make me sweat as I probably feel hot in a bathtub filled with warm water anyway :P
As for the color, Habanero turns the water a tomato-red whereas Jolokia gives a soft green tint. Btw Jolokia is supposed to be the hottest kind of chili ever found (originated from India and the Naga Jolokia is hotter than the current Habanero Red Savina)

The scent of Habanero is really yummy, like a soft flowery scent with a tomato tinge.

Jolokia doesn´t smell nice, it´s a strange sharp lemon scent with a sulfur note. Not pleasant and rather yucky. So I would definitely repurchase Habanero but not Jolokia.

Habanero is a powder whereas Jolokia comes in crystal form (like sea salt). Both feel moisturizing and make my skin very soft.

So all in all there is nothing freaky about these bathing salts at all, away from the packaging maybe =)
You can purchase these on Sasa for a bit over US$2. I got mine from Adambeauty as I was placing an order there anyway.


Robi said...

don't you think that having a bath in a red water if freaking enough? ihih

imcarvalho said...

The Rose of Versailles is from 75 I think, that's why the drawings are so retro ;)
I had already seen those masks and thought WTH @ the package, there sure are scary XD I'm willing to give them a try, though!

imcarvalho said...

I think I wrote masks on my comment XD *salts. I was thinking about masks LOL

Anonymous said...

Whoa Kathi, are those bottom 2 pictures of the stuff dissolved in the water? That's so bright!!!!!! And kinda scary for the red one.

Dennipep said...

I think the packaging is quite freaky

Ida said...

I read about these in Musings of a Muse, it's cool to see how they actually look like in water. My daughter would probably be delighted to take a bath in colored water :)

Alex said...

Does the Jolokia have anything to do with the chilli?

Unknown said...

I wonder if these are based on the Japanese habanero snacks? The packaging in identical.

Patchoulissime said...

There's probably something wrong with me but I kind of like the packaging :) Now I just need a bathtub...

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