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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bison India Esthe Body Massage Oil

I am generally fond of Bison as I just love the certain ethno vibe many of their products deliver.

I noticed their India Esthe products on Sasa for some time now but somehow was hesitant to order as I wasn´t sure regarding the scent etc.

Anyway, I was just too curious so I ended up placing the Inda Esthe Body Massage Oil. Also the reviews on Sasa were good so I thought I´d have to give a try to it myself.
The India Esthe Body Massage Oil comes in a 250ml plastic bottle.
This is what Sasa says about this product:

You can apply the Bison India Esthe Body Massage Oil on skin with excess body fat. Body massage effectively promotes blood circulation and the renewal process of skin cells. Leaves your skin firm, refined and refreshed.

Bison Body Massage Oil contains the following skin-care ingredients:

  • Sesame oil: to protect the surface skin
  • Oriental Herbs (tea extract, asenyaku, red pepper and ginger) : to nourish skin and to strengthen the result of fat-burning
  • Emollient oil: to soften skin
  • Indian sandalwood: pleasant aroma to soothe mind.
How to use: Apply on preferred areas such as waist, hips and legs. (Please make sure your skin is dry and clean before use.) Gently massage for 3 minutes. Rinse well with water.

Wait? Rinse well with water? Yep, you read that right! This India Esthe Body Massage Oil is actually a cleansing oil for your body! Apply on dry skin, emulsify with a bit of water, then rinse! Isn´t that way cool?

Honestly this doesn´t remove my excess fat haha! Well, it´s too much fat to handle for a mere massage oil anyway lol! But it makes my skin wonderfully soft and smooth and the sandalwood scent (I can also detect ginger) is very nice and lingers for some time!

The oil is on the thicker side and has a light orange tint. I spread it over my body and massage and then step in the shower to rinse it off. The oil rinses off well as it emulsifies and turns milky upon contact with water, just like what you might be used to from your face cleansing oil.

All in all an excellent body care product and well worth purchasing. I paid about US$14 (which is less than the 1500 regular retail price in Japan!) but the bottle lasts for quite some time as I don´t need a lot of oil per application.


Unknown said...

Hi Kathi,
Do you use this oil before you use shower gel? Or is it meant to cleanse your body like a shower gel? haha I'm slightly confused but intrigued by this product!! :P

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