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Monday, April 5, 2010

Etude House MiniMe Ms. Cutie & Ms. Lonely (fragrance sprays)

Etude House released a fragrance spray collection of 5 different scents back in November or December and I ordered 2 of the ones that seemed to be most appealing.. one in a citrus fruits scent and the other one supposed to smell like chocolate.

For 13000 Won you get a 100ml bottle with a cute head-shaped cap. The cap is rather heavy and doesn´t close too well so whenever I grab a bottle it has the tendency to slide off.
All 5 different scents come in different scents as they have different themes, too.
I got Ms. Cutie and Ms. Lonely, one looking more like a school-girl and the other like an office lady.

I have to admit that I was also lured by the cute freebies Etude House offered. At the time I ordered these scents you got a free mug with each bottle and since I reached a certain amount I also got a free journal, cotton pads and a cute cooking glove. When you order before Xmas time the freebies are usually good!
Ms. Cutie is the yellow one. It smells like a cheap mix of lemon detergent and some cloying flower note. I really dislike this one!
Ms. Lonely in my opinion is even worse, one of the yuckiest scents I have ever smelled. It´s a chocolate-and-burned-plastic blend which does not smell lovely at all. Just terrifying, seriously! No wonder this Miss is lonely, with this smell it will be hard to find someone voluntarily sniffing her!

All in all really crappy cheap scents of which I should have steered clear. At least I use the mugs (for my Macha Latte) and cooking glove regularly!


MilknCookiie said...

I've seen these online and I'm so glad I didn't order any! They could've done a lot better with such cute packaging. What a waste! LOL. The cooking glove is really cute, but kind of random. xD;;

♥ Milk

Shop N' Chomp said...

*giggles* I'd totally get them for the mugs alone. ;)

sizbelle said...

i was at the shop the other day trying out the scent. none of them appeals to me.. and it cost SGD38+ over each which deter me even more..

BeautyOnTheWay said...

The mug looks very cute, how can I get the mug alone without buying the fragrance? ^_^

Ida said...

Being a fragrance lover, these were the first things I checked out on my first visit to the Etude House store. But I didn't like any of them, and especially disliked Miss Lonely- your description is right on! Hehe. The only one that smelled kinda decent was the pink one...forgot the name though. It was a light floral.

Cynthia C. said...

Ha ha! You really have me rolling on the floor with this review... thanks for the laugh!

Kimchi said...

There's an Etude house branch where I live and I got the chance of testing these out. I must say, steer clear from any of these scents, they're overpowering and tacky-smelling. I'd only get them for the cute bottle :P

birkinbagbeauty said...

LOL, they do not sound like cult high end fragances, so I am glad you reviewed them so I can skip them without thinking that I missed out on something unique. At least you received some fantastic freebies which makes it slightly worth it!

Andrea said...

Where can I buy these fragances?
Thank you =)

Lina said...

Hahahaha^0^ You're so funny,Kathi!:D
I've ever bought Etudehouse So lovely all over spray.It came in a pretty bottle,I love the bottle.But when it came to sniff the aroma,it's a weird combination between tobacco and citrus,and succesfully made me sneeze first time I smelt it.
Seriously,etude should improve their parfumery line.. -__-

rachel (: said...

Hi! i would like to confirm the price with you. did you buy it in korea seoul and got it for 13000 won? because i am asking my friend to buy it for me and i need to know the price. so please give me a reply, thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

the mini version is released in a stick !

Anonymous said...

the mini version is released!

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