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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring 2010: RMK Gel Emulsion Compact SPF27 PA++ in #201

Hmmm yea, I still try new foundations hehe =) Despite having found pretty much my Holy Grail color match in the Integrate Gracy Cream Foundation Moist (and I got the liquid version recently for the upcoming warmer weather) I still can´t resist ordering foundations especially if the color swatch looks amazingly pale =P

I actually already ventured into RMK´s foundation world with their cream foundation but it wasn´t good for me as it oxidized really badly on me (though the color #201 looked perfect at first). So I was definitely hesitant to try their new Gel Emulsion Compact but alone the name made me too curious and the swatch in #201 looked super light so I bit the bullet (high price tag!!) and got it.

The compact this comes in is actually very plain and ugly as well as the velvet pouch it comes in (already looked worn as the refill was pressed against it inside the box!). Seriously for the price they charge they could come up with something more elaborate and pretty. Or at least something that feels heavier and sturdier.
Also the refill doesn´t snap into the compact tightly as it always pops out when I open the cover of the refill.

When I first got my compact and refill set and I opened the small case with the foundation I was shocked by how heavily pink it looked. I know that the colors starting with a "2" are the pink-toned color whereas the ones with "1" are on the neutral - slightly yellow side but it looked seriously too pink.
But as soon as I swatched the foundation I was totally thrilled as this was a super pale color and the pink tones weren´t as obvious on my skin as in the compact!

The Gel Emulsion Compact foundation feels creamy and moist at first but dries down to a nice lightweight velvety matte powdery finish some seconds after application. You have enough time to blend the color before it dries down so the finish is really even and smooth.
The coverage it gives is about medium so if you need flawless coverage you should use concealer in addition.

The thing I dislike about the foundation is that it has the tendency to accentuate any (even minor) rough patches, tiny facial hair or fine lines one might have. So if one´s skin isn´t totally smooth the foundation doesn´t look even. I wore it on a day where I really had rough irritated skin and no moisturizer and primer could help evening it out so the foundation looked absolutely terrible. I removed it and chose a creamier liquid one instead.
Otherwise it gives a really pretty smooth finish and a very even skin-tone.
The color is just perfection. I actually felt it´s even on the lighter side for me and that means a lot as generally the lightest foundation shade won´t work for me as it´s usually to dark. As mentioned above the pink tones of the foundation aren´t obvious and the color just blends into my natural skin-tone flawlessly.

So overall I can recommend this for anyone who doesn´t have big skin-troubles to cover up. Also I think someone with mature skin might not find this to be the perfect choice as it accentuates and settles into fine lines (I actually didn´t know I had so many =X)
However the price (5775 Yen) is hefty so I am sure there are more perfect foundations out there!


Jess said...

Thanks for the review!!

Jessying said...

thank you for the review, now i know its not suitable for me cos have pores/acne scars. said...

I want to try this foundation, but the price is too high for something that doesn't give decent coverage...

SS said...

Hi, not sure what you meant by the refill popping open. But, when I was at the local counter, I was told by the SA that whenever you open the compact casing, there is a mechanism that will help to open the white plastic as well. So, it is part of the design.

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review! I'll stick with my RMK powder foundation!

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