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Friday, January 8, 2010

Integrate Gracy Cream Foundation Moist SPF22 PA++ in PO-10

*drumroll* Today I would like to present you my new Holy Grail foundation. Finding a perfeect foundation for me is really something like the quest for the unicorn! Being blessed/cursed with super pale skin the lightest shade in the majority of foundation ranges is just a bit too dark. Yea, thanks!

I order Japanese foundations from time to time hoping they will fit but alas I am usually disappointed as the color rarely matches well.
So far Shiseido´s Maquillage line had the best foundation but those suckers decided to make my color OC-00 2 shades darker so the newest generation foundations don´t match anymore.
Also while OC-00 was really light enough it had a light yellow tint and usually slight pinkish tones suit me a little better.

Integrate Gracy is actually targeted to more mature women (so call it the older sister of Integrate) but that doesn´t prevent me from purchasing the products as so far everything I bought was of good quality (I love the face powder!) and the things are cheap and come in a very basic but nice packaging. Quite a nondescript brand at first sight but you can find some treasures from it!

I ordered my Integrate Gracy Cream Foundation Moist on Ebay from Alphabeautyuk for US$21.95 + shipping.
The pic shown in the auction looked promising but honestly I had no high hopes that the foundation would match. After all I tried Shiseido´s Aqualabel foundation in PO-10 and it was too dark/orange.

When the foundation arrived I was a bit surprised by how tiny the pot is. Quite a bit smaller than the pot of Maquillage´s Moisture Cream Foundation I received a few months ago (and which was a huge disappointment as OC-00 was so dark!). I don´t know how many grams the MQ foundation contained though.
The foundation contains 25g. I can´t seem to find the retail price online. I would guess somewhere around 1500-1700 Yen?

The pot is made of glass with a deep shiny blue cover that just says "Integrate Gracy". All the box and the label on the bottom of the pot are printed in Japanese only.

The foundation is a nice cream with a medium weight and about medium coverage. The foundation leaves a slight sheen and feels very nice and moisturizing but not heavy or greasy in my opinion. Now for the drier skin I suffer from in winter it´s perfect. I am not sure how I will like this in summer but I think it will well work for a warmer season, too. I might give the liquid foundation a try, too!

It doesn´t irritate my skin at all but most Japanese foundation are very compatible with my skin. Also this is fragrance-free and has an SPF of 22 PA++ which is always a plus, too!

Now on to the color. It´s just perfection! It´s a very light rosy beige that is oh so wonderfully blending into my skin! PO-10 is the best color match I found so far.
I am sure I will stock up on this foundation eventually and will continue using this in the future!

If you have pale skin like me and normal or dry skin I highly recommend checking this little gem out!

The foundation on my hand and blended out. The 3rd pic shows the foundation blended on my chin (only a super tiny amount, maybe about 1mm) but it´s only applied on the bottom half of the pic so you can see it blends perfectly.

Here is a swatch, the top is my former HG foundation Maquillage Moisture Climax Gel which is an excellent foundation but has been discontinued so I had to find an alternative.


Shop N' Chomp said...

I love that feeling of joy when I find an HG product. Congrats! It looks perfect on you. :D

Mona said...

yay for finding a HG foundie!

mandy said...

It looks great ^__^
It sounds great too, but my skin type and skin color is far from yours :X Almost a total opposite!
Finding HG's sound so exciting! I can't wait to find HG items myself :P

Georgina said...

Congrats on finding a perfect match kathi! ^_^

Musicalhouses said...

Wow that does look good! It makes me want to try that too..Also, I've nominated you for a blog tag/award! :) You can check it out at my blog post here:

Anonymous said...

Your complexion is gorgeous; definitely a blessing! This foundation looks like a yummy souffle O_0

Unknown said...

by any chance do you know if Japanese foundations say oil free or non-comedogenic? I get scared buying or trying any Asian foundations because I never know if they will clog pores and make me breakout.

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