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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kao Megurizumu Relaxing Steam Eye Masks & Hot Steam Sheet

I´ve been enjoying the Relaxing Steam Eye Masks from Kao very much in the previous months and I ordered them several times so I think I should review them at this point.

Adambeauty lists the brand as "Nekurizumu" whereas Alphabeautyuk has these as "Megurism". Since I don´t know Japanese I don´t know which is correct or if any of those 2 is correct at all but I thought Nekurizumu sounds more Japanese so I listed the item under this name hehe =D
Update: According to the comments below the name should be Megurizumu. Thank you!!

Anyway, the Steam Eye Masks are an interesting invention as these are disposable eye masks that heat themselves to 40°C calming tension around your eyes and making you feel very relaxed. These are not eye care sheet masks as they are dry (well, they get a little wet from the steam produced) so they are solely for relaxing your tired eyes. I love putting one on when I am extremely tired at night and falling asleep with a mask on. These would also be great to be used on a plane ot in a train and I am sure to pack couple of these in my handbaggage next time I am traveling.

There are 3 types available: lavender, chamomile and unscented. I got the 2 scented versions and love them both as the scent of both is extremely lightweight, soothing and calming.

You can get a pack of 5 pieces for about US$8 or a pack of 14 pieces for about US$19. Adambeauty only sells the 5 piece packs whereas Alphabeautyuk has both sizes and all types available.

I use a mask about 1-2x per week.

I also got a box of the Hot Steam Pads for body use. You can stick one of these on your neck, back or your tummy or wherever you would feel comfortable wearing these. I don´t like these so much though as I don´t feel the heat really and the pads don´t stick that well. I only got one box back in August and still haven´t used it up.

All in all I will continue buying the Relaxing Steam Masks as they are really nice.


Laura L said...

from your review, they sound soooo tempting.great!

~raspy~ said...

I love these as well :)

Musicalhouses said...

Ooh steam eye masks. Sounds relaxing already! I need to try these out.

vanilla said...

ahahha yeah its ounds more japanese.LOL
awww sounds like a nice product

clementine said...

It's actually "Megurizumu," which could be pronounced "Megurism."

I'm wondering if the "zumu" is actually "zoom," though, since it's in katakana instead of hiragana... o.O

Tsubomi said...

Thanks Kathi for the review. I may pick up one of these the next time I fly anywhere.

Anyway, the brand seems to be characters in the red box. Though pronunciation of those characters would be "megurizumu", it would most likely be Megurism as Alphabeautyuk has it. Meguri means circulation, as in of blood. So to translate, it would be something like "circulationism". :D

For zumu to mean Zoom, it would have to be zu-mu with a dash between the zu and the mu to enlongate the zu sound.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Would love to try the eye masks! said...

these look great!

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