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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kosé Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Essence Oil Cleanser & Cream Wash

Happy Bath Day has a very extensive array of products, mainly for the body and hair but they also have a few face care items available or I should correct myself and say they had some nice face care items as most are not listed on their website anymore (but can still be found on eBay). The only 2 skincare items I see right now are oil blotting sheets and cleansing tissues.

Recently I got more interested in Happy Bath Day after I tried their travel pack containing Precious Rose Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap and Milky Body Gel. Even though I am sensitive to smells and Happy Bath Day has a rather strong rose-fruit blend smell I liked the products I tried so I ordered a bunch of items, among them 2 items for the face namely the Rose Essence Oil Cleanser & Rose Essence Cream Wash.

The Rose Essence Oil Cleanser is a cleansing oil used to remove makeup at night. I haven´t had really good experience with Kosé´s cleansing oils but the Rose Essence Oil Cleanser is a pleasant surprise as it´s a rather liquid and slippery oil which emulsifies really nicely thus washes off my makeup easily leaving my skin clean and fresh without and dirty or greasy residues.

The oil is certainly perfumed with the signature Happy Bath Day scent however it seems to be much lighter than in most of the other products so to me it´s a very nice and pleasant light scent.
My skin didn´t react negatively to this product at all, it looks healthy and clean when using this. I think this comes close to my favorite cleansing oil from Kanebo Kracie Naive!
Please note this is based on Mineral Oil (which is better than most people believe actually).
Here are the ingredients as they were printed in English (sorry, no ingredient list for the cream wash available!)

The Rose Essence Cream Wash is a moisturizing foaming wash used to cleanse your face in the morning and to follow up after the cleansing oil at night to make sure every trace of makeup and dirt is removed. I always use a foaming cleanser at night after my cleansing oil, no matter how clean it leaves my face :P

The Cream Wash makes lathers up nicely but not too strongly and is one of the few foaming cleansers that doesn´t leave my skin slightly dry so I really like this a lot!
Like the Oil Cleanser this has a very soft scent that is not overpowering at all so it´s very pleasant to use this!

Rose Essence Oil Cleanser: 1200 Yen for 150ml
Rose Essence Cream Wash: 800 Yen for 130g
I got mine from eBay (alphabeautyuk as usual) and they just cost me a few bucks over retail price.


Laura L said...

I'm eyeing on both of these, probably will get mine when i finished the Etude house cleansing dream thingy

girlfunshop said...

i want to try this one, unfortunately it's not available in my country.. :(

amynaree said...

the cleansing oil sounds nice!

Unknown said...

I have the mist and I love it..planning on getting these two definitely!!!

Bath oil said...

The oils would be good, I cleanse with cold water and soap!

ira widjaja said...

I had used the happy bath cleansing oil in the past, I found it was great. Last time I bought from via on line, but seems now they don't have it anymore. I have searched other online shops, none is selling it. Could somebody tell me how to buy this product?

ira widjaja said...


I would like to buy the happy bath cleansing oil by Kose. Last time I bought from via online, but now they seem do not have it anymore. Could somebody tell me where I can buy this product?

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