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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Xmas 2009: Cosme Decorte Magie Deco Coffret III (Romantic Gothic)

Yup yup, I said I am going to quit this coffret =) The only shop carrying this was Ichibankao and the price was just a little to high for me.
However Facial-Shop got it for quite a bit less so I decided to snatch it up finally.

I collected all the Xmas coffrets from Magie Deco so I am happy that I was able to add the 3rd one to my collection.

Last year brought us a really gorgeous coffret (click here!). This year features only 2 products and a brush but the 2 makeup items are gorgeous and well worth the money considering the retail prices of Cosme Decorte´s younger brand Magie Deco.

The Coffret III contains:
-Shadow Brillance CR -Pressed Powder CR
-face brush with satin pouch
Retail price: 6825 Yen
I still see the coffret listed on Bobodave (around $77 plus shipping) and Facial-Shop (around $85 incl. shipping)

The Shadow Brillance is usually not among my faves as I find the shadows often have a crumbly odd texture creating an utter mess during application. That´s why I let go most of my Shadow Brillance palettes.
The CR color from the coffret however is really good, very silky and fine texture with a delicately milled shimmer. I don´t know why the regular palettes don´t work for me but the CR palette definitely does.

Admittedly the palette is quite a bit warmer than I usually like but thankfully the darkest color is dark and neutral enough to balance the whole look out.

The colors are white, golden brown, pink, deep plum and a gorgeous soft neutral beige with a glazed metallic finish. The beige is my favorite color of the lot, it makes a great wash color but also is pretty used as a highlighter. The other 4 colors have a soft pearl-like shimmer.

The shadows stay well and blend effortlessly (and don´t crumble or fly around), so no complaints here.

The Face Powder CR is a gorgeous pale pink highlighter with a delicate pattern sprayed on with silver glitter.

The finish of this is a very soft finely milled shimmer so there is no disco ball effect. This is one of the better highlighters out there but it´s not something extremely unusual or special as you can find highlighters like this in cheaper brands.

The brush is decent, there are softer and better ones out there though!

So overall I really like the coffret, this is yet another deep-plum-themed palette, a color that was featured a lot among Japanese brands this Xmas season.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us your coffrets, Kathi! I've only tried two products from Cosme Decorte: the Moisture Liposome serum and the Face Powder. Both are awfully expensive, I'm not sure why. But they're quality products. Which brought me here, I'm interested to try more Cosme Decorte stuff, Ichibankao doesn't have a big selection though. This collection looks lovely, nice colors.

Sofie said...

Thanks for the review! I love the palette but I would have no to little use for the highlighter rarely use that kind of stuff D:

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,
I love this coffret! I'm hesitant to get into Magie Decorte as the palettes are so expensive but the Xmas coffret is just too pretty.

Annie Dong said...

Oops, is it me or is there no link for "Last year brought us a really gorgeous coffret (click here!)" xD (But I can always search tags, he he)

Thanks for sharing! Cosme Decorte will always be my attainable makeup line. Perhaps I'll check them out in a decade when I actually start working... -____-

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

This is just a dream item....thanks for the swatches...

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