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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MISSHA M Signature Blossom Garden blushes 01 & 02

Missha is a brand I don´t pay much attention to honestly. For some reason the majority of their products just don´t appeal to me. I like their BB Creams but otherwise I haven´t tried a lot of products from this brand.

I recently found and scored 2 blushes from Missha on eBay for less than US$11/each which I found to be a sweet deal as the retail value per blush is about US$23 (25800 Won) so I got both for the price of 1 =)

The Missha M Signature Blossom Garden blushes come in very pretty compacts made of a rainbow and golden colored compact. Nice albeit a little cheap or almost tacky looking in my opinion =) I like them though as they remind me of spring and butterflies!

When you open the compact you will find a clear flip-top lid covering the powder and to rest the brush on. This is a touch most Korean companies are adding to their blushes and powders and I think it´s very convenient.

Missha says about this product:
"1. Baked formula with brilliant colors to enhance color reveals. 2. Perfect blending of 5 unique colors - it makes you look brilliant and luxurious while blending 5 colors enriched with fine pearls as you desired following different brushing directions. 3. Floral fragrance with silky soft afterfeel - containing mineral ingredients, it makes your skin soft, leaving natural floral scent."
The brush is made of "top grade white pony hair" - "it helps make natural makeup without plumping and minimizes irritations with its 2 tone colored top grade brush hair"

The powder contains 10g.

Initially I was only bidding on 01 Rose Pink but upon closer examination of the auction pics I decided to try my luck with 02 Coral Peach, too, as it looked like a very pretty natural peachy pink shade that would go with my skin-tone very well, too.

The texture of the blushes is indeed very silky and it feels really finely milled. Thankfully the "floral fragrance" is very subtle and faint as otherwise it would bother me. But to me it´s barely detectable.
The blush has very fine pearl shimmer spread throughout which gives a gorgeous glowy finish. The blushes have decent pigment so I actually need to be careful not to overdo them.
Each blush contains a highlighter color, too. 02 also has 2 tan shades perfect for shading.

The brush is indeed soft but a little too small for my liking. However it is definitely a nice one for on the go!

01 Rose Pink is the perfect bright but cool pink that looks so fresh when applied with a light hand. I actually can imagine that this will be one of my favorite blushes as the color is just so pretty! The colors are all different so by swirling the brush on different colors I can achieve a different look. However I like swirling all together for the perfect pink.

01 Coral Peach is really gorgeous, too! Usually when there is a pink and a peach blusher in a Korean or Japanese blush range the peach is more on the orange and very warm side. However 02 Coral Peach has enough pink to be a neutral well-balanced shade for me. It makes a nice peaches-and-cream blush so I see myself reaching for this quite often, too! The tan shades are good for shading but I honestly rather skip the bottom and swirl together the 2 top colors.

I think I will have a closer look on Missha´s releases in future as I am really delighted with the blushes.


Laura L said...


Jeweled Thumb said...

Have you tried their baked blushes? They are sooo pretty!

. said...

tacky yes, but doesn't it remind you of lisa frank? XD

amynaree said...

these are so pretty! do you mind sharing the ebay seller you got it from? thanks!

Jenni said...

omg these look lovely when swatched! i am the same as you, i don't pay attention to missha products at all, and i also agree the cover lid is a bit tacky... XD glad you got both blushes for the price of 1!

Chomfifi said...

those blushes look really nice and the packaging is cute. what a sweet deal to get 2 for the price of 1! thanks for sharing :)

Nicol said...

gorgeous colours and packaging

. said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the colours, they are so pretty!! And the pattern too.

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

loves***gotta check this out...

.blushfully. said...

So pretty! Love it when we can get such awesome deals at ebay ;)

Catherine said...

Wowwwwww those are so, so gorgeous!!!!

Fiona Star said...

they look like clinique fresh bloom blushes!

i never really liked missha as well but the packaging of these is really quite cute!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Such beautiful colors! :D

Sheila said...

Those are so pretty!! And such a good deal too, great find =)

Anonymous said...

Oooh! So pretty! :D

Mischievous Mack said...

Wow! That's so cheap! I'm in Korea and I can't get them even close to that price!
rats. Now I want to try it...

Rica said...

Hi! I really love your blog because I have no idea what these Japanese and Korean cosmetics I usually see here in Hong Kong because their packaging are usually written in Chinese or Japanese.. It's really informative and I love it!

I was wondering if you have any idea if the addiction brand is available here in Hong Kong? Because it seems I can't find it anywhere...

Keep posting! I love your updates!!


Vanity Fashionista said...

Hiya :)
I've nominated you for a blog award, come to my blog to accept:

FaceFab said...

these are most lovely! thanks so much for the thoughtful review & great pics!

engeng said...

I have removed this item from my korea shopping list due to the price tag. And now, you are tempting me to add it back again. :D

Fay. H. said...

ah... I went looking for it in HK after reading your post. It cost HK$286 here x.X Ouch ouch ouch!

Quin of Vanity said...

Planning to buy this, but can you pls advise if it has long staying power? It's so tempting cant take my eyes off it!

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