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Monday, January 18, 2010

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W BB Cream SPF 23 PA++

So here is the review for the other Japanese BB Cream that came out not too long ago.
Kanebo jumped on the BB craze-bandwagon and added this new Lift W Moist BB Cream to their Freshel range.

I have never tried anything from Freshel before but I couldn´t resist trying the new BB Cream as it was only US$15 shipped from Adambeauty (add US$2 for registered fee per order so it cost me about US$15.25 as I got some other items) and I like to try all kinds of BB creams, especially the new ones from Japanese brands!

The Moist Lift W BB Cream comes in a brown and golden squeeze tube with 50g content.

The cream has the properties of moisture lotion, beauty liquid (?), cream and sunscreen (SPF23 PA++) along with a light makeup to cover small flaws. This can be used right after your toner.

The cream itself is quite lightweight (as in not siliconey like most Korean brands) but moisturizing and provides a sheer coverage. There is only 1 color which is a light (but not super pale) yellow-toned shade. Somehow this reminds me more of a tinted moisturizer than a BB cream though I can´t exactly tell you what the difference is to start with lol! I think it´s the lightweight feeling and very sheer coverage that makes me feel so.

The shade adjusts so I like wearing this however it is a little too yellow/ocher-toned for my liking. The Meishoku BB creams (click on the label "Japanese BB Creams" below to check the review) fit me a bit better.

All in all a good and moisturizing Japanese BB cream most suitable for anyone with light-medium skin and yellow undertones.


myolie said...

love meishoku, definitely will check this out.thanks kathi

Whitepiano555 said...

I have never known Freshel also released BB cream. Thanks for your review, I'm glad to hear it's not 'siliconey' like those Korean BB cream bcoz I don't like its heavy texture. :))

Anonymous said...

I was wondering does this BB cream come in two shades or just a single shade? thanks!

Luciana said...

I wish I knew your blog before I bought some BB Creams!!!

I always tought all the brands had the same tone... and as the infos aren't in english, i had NO idea about the difference between them.

Your blog is already in my Favs!

Btw, my skin is very fair, sentitive and with a oily T zone (Studio Fix Powder = C3) and usually I choose "cool" finishes to neutralize the "pinkness" of my skin.

Your blog is awesome!

Kim said...

i just bought this too
and i live in japan
there are actually two color tones
the second one is slightly darker
its called medium beige
and its pretty good
its not yellow at all
and it feels very moisturizing, i love freshel
haha i have their toners and their lotions and it feels great!
also, i tried the missha bb cream
the very famous red one in number 23 and its so bad
i feel like this is soooo much better!!
cuz i have dry patches on my skin
and this doesnt emphasize it like missha did.


Hope In A Blog said...

Hey Beauties,

Kanebo will be upgrading the entire line together with addition of new products, so if you're planning of purchasing the BB Cream or Gel, wait for the new one :

MOre details :

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