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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring 2010: Kiss Cosmetics Lip Chocolat Treatment UV & Pure Bloom Cheeks C

Kiss´ collections are usually really tiny consisting just of a few items. This spring it´s no different =) The collection consists of 2 items: Lip Chocolat Treatment UV and Pure Bloom Cheeks C in 01. Both items are a limited edition and will only be here while stock lasts.

I picked up both because I love last year´s Lip Chocolat Treatment and the Pure Bloom Cheeks are pretty much some of the best blushes out there (especially as they are affordably priced). I love the Kiss blushes so much that I only took those to my 1 month holiday in Egypt and both colors worked with all the lippies I brought with me (reviews are here and here).

The Lip Chocolat Treatment UV contains a measly SPF 10 PA+ which isn´t that much but better than nothing anyway =) You wouldn´t go to the beach or skiing with this I think though!

Admittedly lat year´s tube was a bit cuter (pink and some more colors) but this year´s has a better applicator (just a slanted one anyway).
The tube contains 8g and costs 1000 Yen. There is a little pouch included (this also comes with the blush) which is downright flimsy and cheap. I don´t see really the purpose for this and I would have preferred a cute box like last year.

The Lip Chocolat Treatment UV has the same delicious strawberry chocolate scent and a very light sweet flavour, too. It´s really yummy and not gross like some other chocolate flavors tend to be!
The texture is similar to last year´s, too. It´s a rather slick very glossy balm that looks great worn alone or makes a nice base for lipstick when blotted a bit. I think it´s pretty nicely moisturizing but I don´t have dry lips at all (I think this comes from contant lipstick-gloss-balm wearing) but I think slathering this on dry lips would feel nice and soothing.

The Pure Bloom Blush comes in a deep brown case instead of the usual tacky gold. Still the compact looks cheap but the imprint on the blushes is really cute (like quilted with hearts). Like the other Pure Bloom blushes each compact contains 2 colors, a lighter and a darker one but the lighter is not light enough to be a highlighter (for me at least).

The texture is silky smooth and the finish is this kind of pretty glow I love so much! The blush has decent pigment and can be layered.
The color of this limited edition blush is a very nice neutral pink beige which looks just gorgeous! I really love this as the color is so flattering and in the same time natural.

The blush retails for 1400 Yen and contains 3.4g. I got mine from Ichibankao. Might be that Adambeauty will stock this soon, too (he carries Kiss and got the last collections in, too).

So overall this is a pretty nice spring release and highly recommended!


Catherine said...

The blush looks so cute!

Laura L said...

this is so cute! the printing on the blush is a die for!

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

Both products look so cute! But the blush is probably too pale for me, although I'm sure it works beautifully on you. I hardly reach for my Kiss blushes these days, which is a pity.

Fiona Star said...

love the quilted heart pattern on the blush! kiss looks so yummy...

Zoe said...

Pretty packaging and the blusher's color was nice~~~^^

lip chocolat treatment? it's transparent or....color? interesting...for me^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, I heart that packaging! =)

Denysia said...

Wow, that blush is super pretty! :)

CHARRY said...


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