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Friday, January 22, 2010

Kanebo Kracie Lotion Mask 28 piece box

I like the idea of boxed masks as this means that I get more masks for my money (those boxes usually contain a lot of masks for quite a little price) and can use them daily without feeling guilty about all those empty packages I throw away.

Anways, so far I had no luck with the mask boxes from Kose nor did the 30piece bag from Purederm work for me (not work = red bumps on my cheeks and a burning sensation).

It seems the Lotion Masks (or Deep Infiltration Lotion Masks as one eBay seller calls them) from Kanebo Kracie are out for quite some time but for some reason I didn´t notice them until a few weeks ago.
Kracie masks are my favorites (especially the black Hadabisei masks) so I had high hopes the 28 piece box might finally work for me.

I like that the box itself is a nice sturdy plastic box with an air-tight flip top opening (whereas the ones from Kose had a sticker seal which might loose its ability to close properly after some time...though it might be Kose changed that meanwhile!)
The white and blue box fits with my Kanebo Freeplus stuff nicely, too =D

Inside the box is a pack of 28 masks sealed with a sticker which you remove before you put it back in the box to dispense the masks comfortably.

The masks themselves feel very thin and a little hard/rough and the cut is not optimal (the nose part is too long, the mask is a bit too short from chin to nose and it´s cut rather wide) and the low amount of lotion (200ml for the whole box of 28 pieces) makes it difficult for the masks to stick properly for the full 10 minutes.
However I still love the masks! The lotion is excellent and makes me forgive the poor fit and adherence problems. The masks should be worn for 5-10 minutes and afterwards (I usually leave them on for 5 minutes) my skin is buttery soft and supple with a soft glow. No itchiness, burning sensation or other problesm occur when wearing these. When I remove the mask I also like to wipe my neck as I always include my neck in my face care skincare regimen!

I feel even though the lotion is rather liquid it is very emollient thus makes an excellent treatment now in the cold weather and for normal and dry skin-types in general. I am not sure how oily skin can pull these masks off though as they feel a quite rich for my taste.

Just like the other Kracie masks these are not scented. These also contain a GABA complex.

I am sure I will always keep a box of these masks in my bathroom as they make a really nice daily treatment =D Or think, if you use 3 masks per week, the box will last you over 2 months which should be very affordable!

I saw the Lotion Masks box for as cheap as a little over US$11 on Sasa (+ shipping depending on your order value). I got mine from Adambeauty for US$17 (shipped...add US$2 per order for registered shipping) which still makes it a steal! On eBay these sell for about US$22 incl. shipping (but I know that terryyuen72 seller and you can expect your order to arrive after 4 weeks minimum!)

I hope to see the masks selling without the box soon, too, as it would be more economical to just refill the box!


Emily said...

thanks for the great info!

seems like a great mask

alien man?! said...

Oooh. I'll have to look into this. And thx for the tip on that ebay seller.

Laura L said...

this sounds great. Have u try Silk Whitia mask? it is available at too and usually it has like BUY1 GET1 Free promotion which I can't get from the sasa store.
Silk Whitia masks works pretty good too, it is really, really hydrating!

. said...

It doesn't really look like a pack of masks does it? I would've thought it was a pack of facewipes! xD

And, what exactly is 'GABA'? I saw some Japanese masks claiming to contain GABA, and I thought it was an inhibitory neurotransmitter and wondered why you'd want it on your face... Ehehe.

thursdayval said...

Hi!!Have u tried on the new kose line called sekkisei supreme or shirosumi?btw, i like ur blog.The magic mask from kose is alrite too.

Claire said...

Thanks for this great review. :) I'm going over to Taipei soon. Will definitely look for some there. :)


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