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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sana Esteny Salt(y) Wash R Spicy (Grapefruit)

I have seen this Esteny Salt Wash from Sana for some time listed on Adambeauty but somehow pretty much ignored it.
When I was browsing last time I noticed it again and placed the one in Grapefruit in my cart.

Sana says about this item: "
Just wash! A captivating tight body for you. Massage & Polish Esthetic-Wash. The smoothing scrub massage with condensed salt brings out the taut, glowing body, like a Latin beauty! With Ruby Grapefruit scent."

The Salt Wash comes in a bag with screw-on cap just like you might be used to from shampoo and body wash refills.
I think this way of packaging was chosen due to the texture of the Salt Wash as it´s very thick with salt crystals throughout so it would possibly be hard to squeeze this out of a bottle or tube. They could have filled this in a tub but the bag is more convenient and protects also the contents from water entering during application.
So it´s not the prettiest packaging but convenient at least.

The Salt Wash R has a very thick texture and a grainy feel as it´s basically a thick light orange paste made of salt and some other ingredients. I think there must be oil in this as the Salt Wash feels smooth and when washed off my skin is extraordinarily soft and feels like I applied body oil.
This makes a really fabulous body scrub as the salt crystals slough away dead skin leaving my skin (especially elbows, feet, knees etc.) super smooth and soft. But it doesn´t get dry or tight at all as I said above it seems to contain oil which in the same time moisturizes well. This is seriously one of the best and most effective body scrubs I used so far.
When you rub this on your wet skin it does lather up very lightly, too!

The scent is really yummy! In my opinion grapefruit scents are a bit on the tricky side as they can get a sour or very harsh bitter smell. The Esteny Salt Wash R smells a bit sweet but fresh so I really enjoy this!

I purchased mine from Adambeauty and paid about US$15 incl. shipping (as always add US$2 for registered mail per order). Retail price is 1000 Yen for 250g.
The other kinds available are the Salt Wash B (blueberry scent) which probably has a grainier texture if I understand Sana correctly.
The Salt Wash (regular type I think?) contains 350g and has a fresh floral smell.


birkinbagbeauty said...

mmm, grapefruit is one of my favourite scents...

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