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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Cosmetex Roland Moisture Skin Care Cream

I am always on the hunt for nice affordable Japanese products and when browsing my various favorite online shops I usually stumble across little treasures from time to time.

Cosmetex Roland is a smaller Japanese brand but they do have a nice variety of stuff and a website where you can read about the company and the products in English, yay! (Click here).
You can get quite a variety of Cosmetex Roland items on Sasa (where I bought this cool face serum with real gold flecks in it for like US$14?) but Adambeauty carries 3 of the Moisture Skin Care Creams, too, so I ordered one (so far). You can get the Moisture Skin Care Creams on Sasa, too (where they cost only US$4.50 plus shipping but since shipping is high unless I order really a lot from Sasa I opted for Adambeauty instead).
Sasa´s variety is here! Whenever I place my next big order with them I will include some more Cosmetex stuff for sure as then it will be really worthwhile.

Anyway, enough blabla, the whole pot of Moisture Skin Care Cream still only set me back US$9.50 which includes shipping for this hefty 220g jar. Not bad in my opinion!

There are 3 or 4 variations of this cream available. I was pondering between Urea and Coenzyme Q10 but finally settled on Q10 as for some reason everything with Q10 is downright attractive for me =)

The Moisture Skin Care Cream comes in a huge yellow tub with a flip-top cover. More practical than a normal screw-on cover but a normal squeeze tube is more convenient and hygienic in my opinion. However there is something lush to dig my hands into a big pot of body lotion and slather it on lol (whereas for my face creams I always use a spatula!)!

The cream is quite rich but not sticky or greasy and absorbs really quickly. I really like it because this way I can apply the cream allover my body and then get dressed quite quickly. My skin becomes super soft and supple and the effect is quite long-lasting.
This cream is not scented but it has this no-scent smell (a little chemical). When it comes to face care I prefer unscented stuff but I generally like if my bodycare smells nice. Anyway, the cream is great and won´t clash with any perfume you might want to wear.

You can apply this on your face (yes, face!), body, hands and feet (well, they´re part of your body anyway haha). Especially for my hands this stuff is really nice! They´re quite dry despite constant moisturization and the Q10 Moisture Skin Care Cream really helps in that department!
I would say anyone with normal-dry skin would enjoy using this. If you have severely dry skin or very oily skin I am not sure how the cream would work with your skin-type.

I also got the Q10 Eye Treatment Cream from Cosmetex which I will review soon, too.

The other types Adam and Sasa carry are Urea and Aloe. I will most definitely pick up a pot of Urea soon.


Unknown said...

I was reading this post and I saw the word Urea and I got really nervous. Because I think urea is another word for wastes from your body :x

And I was wondering if you've tried the Hada Labo hyaluronic lotion because I was wondering if I should buy it or not :/

sugarmizbunni said...

Wow is a very affordable price!!I'll have a look in sasa. So, how does it feel after its been applied to skin??will it feel sticky?:p I have a very dry skin sometimes if i apply thick cream its hard to absorb so it tend to stay on the surface thats y its sticky... :)

Kathi said...

Hi Diane,
yes Urea is a part of urine but so is water =P And you don´t feel disgusted from water, right? Urea in fact is an excellent humectant drawing moisture into your skin. For some skin conditions it´s a great treatment, too. I wouldn´t bathe in my pee but I have no problem with using anything with Urea =)

Hi Sugarmizbunni,
I haven´t slapped it on in a really thick layer but a normal layer doen´t have a sticky feeling after application (maybe the first couple of minutes but then it vanishes).
All in all a great cream!

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