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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring 2010: Maquillage Eyes Creator (3D) in BE763

I actually can´t tell you want made me order this eyeshadow palette specifically but something was just terribly appealing about this collection of blah neutrals =)

I am admittedly a fan of Maquillage´s Eye Creator (3D) palettes as they have an outstandingly smooth and pigmented texture with usually a great luminous finish.

This spring season the clean nude eye look seems to be popular among Japanese brands (Kosé´s brands Visee and Beauté de Kosé went for the same theme).
Now I really don´t have a lack of nude beiges, golds and other neutrals in my stash but still something in my head told me to order this palette (you know, that little makeup devil that likes to talk to me A LOT).

Whateva, I got the palette (BE763) this week and eagerly tried it out. I ordered from Ichibankao this time.
I am disappointed and delighted in the same on why! =)

What disappoints me is that the nude shades are all very sheer and one shade is really glittery which is something not found that often in Maquillage nowadays. So I´d say if you have no nude shadows this is a good palette to get 3 different ones at once but I think many have such shades in their beauty arsenal so the palette can safely be skipped.

On the other hand the overall look (while really easily dupable) is really fresh and clean without making my eyes look tired or too small (as pastel colors makes them look a lot smaller).
What I also like about the palette is that the cream base is good and keeps the shadows in place. Also the cream liner stays put and doesn´t smudge at all however it is a bit sheer and not really smooth.

The color are an eggshell pink, pale beige and pale gold. The base is white and the eyeliner is a pretty stone gray which makes a nice soft liner shade.

The whole palette has a sand-dune feeling to me as the powder shadows have wavy imprints and the 2 cream shades have cute shells printed on (they disappear though as soon as you wipe them).

Overall a pretty fool-proof palette but not a must-have. I am sure you will find a more interesting color combo among Maquillage´s palette.

I did the EOTD as recommended on the box:


Anonymous said...

looks good to me.
I ordered mine also at ichibanko BR 765. Can't wait. =)

have been waiting soo long for this once. since it's the one that emi suzuki uses and her eyemake up is gorgeous!

Zoe said...

my fren said the Maquillage´s loose powder vry nice n vry famous, and here Malaysia ady out of stock~

Shiseido Maquillage´s series really nice? coz i nvr try their cosmetic

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh boy, could the seashells be any cuter? I think not. =)

amynaree said...

the colors look great for an everyday look! i have never tried maquillage palettes before but they sound great

Anonymous said...

The palette does look very cute and pretty! The shades of the neutrals are all so soft and light, which I really like!

I think, it looks really really soft and natural on your eyes too - perfect for that no-makeup look, huh? Kathi, I think you just made the devil makeup devil talk to me now too, haha...! ;)

Denysia said...

I really want this palette! Thank you for sharing! :D

Irene said...

When I saw the pictures, I was like.. meh.. nothing spectacular. But your EOTD changed my mind, it's so gorgeous! :)

Laura L said...

the colors are really natural! look pretty on you <3

kuri said...

Thanks for the review. This palette and the green one looked really cute but I'm going to skip since it's sheer.

Bijin Blair said...

I'm so lemming for GR764 but I abhor sheer colour payoffs :(

. : * justine * : . said...

I have way too many neutrals (at least 5) palettes but I like them as they make my work make-up pretty mindless and quick... haven't tried Maquillage yet but I really want an eye-catching palette before I spend that much money importing one!

Georgina said...

those seashells look so cute! damn cosmetic designers! they always know how to makes us spend our moolah! ^_^

Tamtam said...

I'm glad I picked this up at airport in Japan because I wouldn't have got it if I am not on vacation, and seeing your EOTD makes me go woooow ! haha
Soooo pretty and natural but shimmery! I'm usually one who doesnt like to wait to try eyeshadow but this time, I just cant put myself to wipe off the cute seashells! DAMN!

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