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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kao Prettia Bubble Foam Hair Color Kit

I´ve been attracted to the Kao Prettia hair colors for the past 3 years now but never was adventurous enough to try one out as I wasn´t sure if it would be too harsh considering it was developed for thicker darker Asian hair (and read in a few forums how it could be damaging more ot caucasian hair) but after pondering for long and considering that my hair is very healthy and I never had a problem with any hair dye I decided it´s time to try out this highly raved-about hair color.

The color I always was attracted to was "Antique Rose", sort of a deep garnet red. I dyed my hair a similar color just some weeks ago but I have to dye more frequently as a) the other color already faded to a boring medium brown and b) I hate to admit it but I already have several white hairs in the front of my head so I want to cover them as I am not even 30 and white hair is quite obvious in my medium dark hair.

My color is about the darkest one shown here:

I got my Prettia hair color kits from seller Alphabeautyuk on eBay. Since I have long hair (well, I chopped off quite a bit some months ago) which is reaching to about the middle of my back I ordered 2 boxes but when using it I noticed that one box is more than enough, it can probably dye hair that is quite a few cm longer or thicker than mine.
That´s great as the color isn´t really cheap if you need 2 boxes but as I only needed one it actually cost me less than any local brand hair dye as they tend to contain less product (usually 50-60ml total for the mixed solution) so I always need 2 boxes!
Each box of the Prettia hair dyes cost me US$11.75 + $4.90 shipping.

The Prettia bubble hair dye comes in a quite huge and bulky box which includes:
-Hair coloring agent 1, 40ml
-Hair Coloring agent 2, 60ml
-A sachet of after-dye treatment (a leave-in hair treatment), 4ml
-High quality gloves (not those flimsy clear thin plastic gloves!)
-A pump disenser for the hair dye
-An allergy test card for mixing agent 1 and 2
-And of course an instruction manual which is written in Japanese only but comes with pics.

I highly suggest checking out this instruction page which also shows a video!
-How to use:
Please check the instructions and video in the link above! Cover your clothes and use this on dry hair and leave it on for 20-30 mins. Massage the bubbles well on your head, so even coverage is easy to achieve. Then rinse off, shmapoo & condition as always and use the treatment. So all in all you use it as any other permanent hair-dye.

A little tip: I always apply petroleum jelly along the contours of my face, on my ears and on my neck. This ways I can just wipe away any stains from hair-dye without having my skin tinted. Also if you have stains, use a mix of water and ashes and rub the stain, it works quite well. But be careful, if you rub too hard you can damage your skin!

-Is is really more convenient to use a bubble hair color?
I have to admit: YES! The bubbles make much less mess than a liquid hair dye. While with normal hair dye I usually drip around in my bathroom the bubbles stay where they should.
Also I find covering all my hair with the bubbles is easier. Massaging the bubbles in my hair feels nice and is really easy.
I didn´t need a hair clasp, all the hair was sticking on my head as the bubbles are really dense.
We have bubble hair colors here in Austria but they are all non-permanent colors thus useless for me.
The Prettia hair dye is permanent!

-Smell/Color result etc:
The smell is surely a bit strong at first (ammonia) but after washing the dye off my hair doesn´t stink, it has a soft sweet smell with a hint of the typical hair-dye scent.
For the first minute I felt a slight burning sensation on my scalp but this vanished quickly.
The result is wonderful! The color came out very evenly and glossy and my hair doesn´t feel damaged or rough at all.

My result:

Prettia recommends doing an allergy test and they enclose a card on which you can mix the components and do the test. I didn´t do the test as I never had problems with hair-dye but it is surely recommended to test it first.

I am very happy with the result and will stick to this product for the next dyes. I might also try one of their other colors though I am very pleased with "Antique Rose" which is exactly the kind of red I love!


Vanity Fashionista said...

Oo that's a really pretty colour and it's looks lovely on you :)
I'm might give this a try as i need to re-dye my hair soon and that red is tempting... :D
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! They sell it on too.
Does the dye cover well grey hair?

Denysia said...

Your hair looks lovely! I haven't dyed my hair in years, but I'm thinking I might want some blond streaks. :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

The color looks fabulous on you, Kathi!

Nicol said...

thats a pretty colour!
ived used the product in marshmallow brown :)

xin said...

the color looks great on you! thanks for the review :) will definitely pick this up when I see one

Georgina said...

hi kathi! im waiting for my prettia boxes i also ordered from alphabeautyuk! they have good prices yes? i love how your hair turned out! im gonna try that shade next time! :)

melanie said...

Kathi - the antique rose is gorgeous! I have used it and loved it - it's a fabulous plum color. Really gorgeous, I am sure you will love it. I should post photos!

Unknown said...

Nice dye!!! I want my hair to be red...I was gonna try a korean brand which is made with henna...but still haven't decided if I want korean brand and japanese...they attract me so much but don't know...thanks for the review...

K said...

wow your hair colour looks lush~~ it really looks like the colour on the box. that never happens to i never get the colour on the box. i've seen quit a few people use japanese hair dyes now and the results all look very nice and promising. i must give it a try^^

thanks for sharing xx

Nikki-chan said...


I would like to ask for your help, because it seems I can find no one who has used this hair dye and can answer my question. If my hair is waist-long, should I buy 3 or 4 packs?

Thank you in advance for your answer!

Kathi said...

2 packs should do. my hair is about mid-back length and 1 box is plenty. i normally use 2-3 packs of dye but the foam dye goes a long way

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