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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dariya Esthe Resort Body Aroma Butter in Lavender

This Esthe Resort Body Aroma Butter in Lavender by Japanese brand Dariya is yet another favorite body care product as it smells really divine!

I found this little (!!) pot on eBay (one of my fave sellers, alphabeautyuk from whom I purchaed quite a lot in the previous months) while browsing the seller´s shop. I am a sucker for any bodycare product carrying the name "butter" as always images of silky smooth skin come up!

The tub is really really tiny (it holds only 65g!) and for about US$17 incl. shipping I consider this a real luxury. However a little goes a long way so the pot is taking longer to use up than I expected.

The tub looks nice and contains a very lightly blue-tinted cream with blue beads throughout. The cream is a really thick rich buttery kind of product which melts into my skin leaving it super soft but not greasy at all. The blue beads dissolve when you rub them in. Probably they are containing some sort of extra care substances.

The scent is very nice and fresh, the lavender is really only a hint so it doesn´t smell like granny´s cupboard =0)
For my taste the scent could linger longer though. It´s gone within 2-3 hours but at least my skin stays soft =)

There is also a rose scent available (and grapefruit I think). I might pick up rose sooner or later but rose fragrances can be quite tricky to come out nicely.
The lavender version contains Vitamins A and E.


Juli said...

the packaging on it is definitely nice. i'm a sucker for anything in lavender :]

Denysia said...

Ohhh! Very nice! Just wondering, does this product have shea butter in it? I am allergic to shea butter.

K said...

sounds nice~~ i love the smell of lavender^^

Fem Wynn said...

Awesome! Hey, I'm a new viewer :D Please check out my blog and follow me! Tell your friends, cuz I only have 3 followers :(

Liana said...

ooh very pretty!

Unknown said...

love this ebay seller!! SO FAST when it comes to shipping!! Rose might be a nice one to have!!

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