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Monday, January 25, 2010

Kosé Cosmeport Kitanohitou Bath Essence (Aomori Bath Powder)

I usually find some nice pieces of weird/cute/funny/whatever stuff when browsing Adambeauty. Recently I found this box (which looks like instant Macha or so hehe) of Kitanohitou Bath Essence from Kosé Cosmeport and since I am admittedly totally crazy for all kinds of Japanese bath powders I ordered 3 boxes right away (they were also cheap at US$5.50/box - each box contains 5 sachets) knowing I would enjoy them.
I got suckered in by Adam´s description, too, (well, it was in Chinese so I used Google to translate for me) which says this is inspired by the Aomori onsen in Japan, turning your water deep green, making your skin smooth and relieving all kinds of gastrointestinal problems etc. etc.

The onsen thing was what intrigued me most because my favorite bathing powders of all time are the ones from Kanebo Kracie (Tabinoyado) as they smells tooooooooo good and turn the water in all sorts of funny colors (while making my skin soft and nicely scented). The Tabinoyado bath powders resemble Japanese hot springs, too! =D

Anyway, so I got my new Kitanohitou bath powders and popped one into my bath tub. First off, this Bath Essence smells really nice. Very different from Tabinoyado but still fresh, slightly minty with a little of anise and some earthy note, too.

Secondly the color this stuff gives to the water is really cool/gross lol! It´s like a blackened green or greenish black (like a deep muddy moss color) which really gives me the impression of bathing in some muddy water found in a small pond in a forest or so lol. The scent is soft and doesn´t linger long on my skin but that´s fine with me.
Skincare-wise the Kitanohitou Bath Essence is good, too. My skin doesn´t feel dry at all.

Overall I am very happy with this product and will happily continue using this. I don´t think it will reach the status of my beloved Tabinoyado powders (of which I used up like 5 or 6 boxes already?).
Each sachet is to be used for one bath and contains 25g, the box contains 5 sachets and costs HK$23/US$5.50 on Adambeauty.

2 comments: said...

nice one.however i hardly use kanebo on face as it doesnt suit me.kose is good.btw, where are those item located?

Anonymous said...

I received your package in the mail today Kathi +^~^` !

It was so cute I'm saving the bags and ribbons >_<

Thank you so much for your sale and the extra masks/Miffy pen! :D

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