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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Somang Keratin Silkprotein Hair Pack

And yet another acquisition from Sasa =) I love Sasa for skin care, hair care and body stuff since shipping is free so I haul the biggest bottles you can find on that site =P But I told you that 108967568858 times before I think lol!

I see a lot of Taiwanese and Korean brands now being listed on the Sasa website... honestly the Korean stuff tends to be a bit overpriced but this Somang Keratin Silkprotein Hair Pack was dirt cheap. Really a steal as a huge pump 500ml pump bottle cost a mere US$8.30 (I paid even less than US$8 since I got my VIP discount...they seriously should make me a SUPER-VIP given the amount of stuff I ordered from them..). Somang is the company producing Beauty Credit btw!
The Keratin Silkprotein Hair Pack is not a conditioner but a hair mask so after shampooing your hair and squeezing as much water out as possible you leave the Hair Pack on for a good 3-5 mins before rinsing it off. You can follow with conditioner or leave as is.

The pump bottle is really huge and I find the pump very convenient. To be honest the pump itself isn´t the best though... It distributes quite little per push so I have to push at least 8-10 times to get the desired amount. I don´t mind anyway as the good price and nice quality of this hair care very much makes up for this small flaw.

The Keratin Silkprotein Hair Pack is a quite thick pale yellow cream. Maybe the thickness of the cream contributes to the hard time I have pumping this out =)
It has a soft scent, a very standard haircare-body lotion kind of scent (I hope you get what I mean hehe). The scent won´t linger much after rinsing this off, my hair just smells fresh and clean and I smell my shampoo more than the hair mask!

This makes my hair really soft and shiny but is not a very rich mask like e.g. the one from Cosmetex Roland or Shiseido Tsubaki so I recommend this if you have normal-dry hair or even oily hair and use this on the hair ends only.
But all in all this is a very nice hair care product and good for daily use. It also helps in detangling my daughter´s complicated thick curly hair! =D

I got more things from Somang so expect more reviews! =D I hope I am not boring anyone with the non-makeup product reviews?

There is also a Somang Keratin Silkprotein Hair Aqua Essence available (a hair care spray) which cost about US$2.50 or so (very cheap!). I haven´t tried it yet as I have quite a few haircare things to be finished before I will try something new!

Sasa says about this item:
Somang Keratin Hair pack Silkprotein is an intensive hair treatment product specialize in restoring dyed and damaged hair. Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in hair. This hair pack is formulated with Keratin protein & 7 flower extracts, using it regularly will make the hair flashy & healthy while providing nutrition. It prevents dandruff and provides natural protein which will form a protective coating on hair, so that hair will look soft, healthy and radiant. "


Delete said...

the Somang Keratin hair aqua essence is MY FAVORITEEEEEE! i can't live without it. i have it on my blog too. except i havent done a review on it yet. ( : i also have the hair pack but i wasnt too big of a fan. it wasnt like the aqua essence. ) : but i recommend you using the aqua essence after you shower and spray it on after you shower and let it AIR DRY. and when your hair dries... it will feel amazingly soft!! let me know how it goes for you! ( :

Dennipep said...

A friend gave me this (Somang Keratin Hair Pack) before as a gift and I can say that I fell inlove with this product. I'm planning to buy more of this again =)

Piper said...

I like these kinds of reviews just as much as the makeup reviews.

Jennie said...

I want to order from sasa so badly T__T actually, I like these kind of reviews more hehe =$ love your gorgeous blog!!

skyblueinsf said...

I am a VIP of sasa too..... lot's of their products are in great price! I did the conversion and lot's of them are exactly the same price as I bought in Hong Kong.

Shampoo said...

Great review!!! One of my readers said that keratin treatments have to be used with heat, so I wonder if that's the reason this didn't work when I air-dried my hair. Do you know anything about that? I wish they would have stated something in the directions if that's the case!

jason said...

this post is great! Thank you for coming and being our model. You rock the haircut well!!! and get your product review .

Anonymous said...

hi! can u girls pls tell me where to buy that product? i look for it online for hours but unfortunately, i didnt.
:( pls contact me - 09058399615


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