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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring 2010: Kosé Fasio Shadow Trick Eyes GR-4

Fasio´s eyeshadows used to be utter crap... the shadows were hard and had no pigment and an overly dull finish.
That´s why I stayed away from their eye colors for quite some time but got interested again last year when the Gradation Deep Eyes came out.

This spring Fasio released a series of pretty eyeshadow quads called Shadow Trick Eyes. One color (GR-4) caught my eye so I ordered it from Ichibankao some time ago.

The Shadow Trick Eyes contain 4 powder colors from light to dark in the typical Japanese graduated color scheme.

The eyeshadows contain a mix of "silver pearl", "glass pearl" and "lightning pearl" for a bright finish whereas the darkest color contains "shading pearl".

While the colors aren´t exactly silky the pigment in these shadows is just fabulous, especially the color which stands out most in my opinion (the deep emerald). The eyeshadows also blend well and don´t have a dull finish but a rather pretty soft shimmer. Lasting power is good, I experienced light creasing after about 8 hours of wear but otherwise the colors held up really well.

GR-4 is a gorgeous green quad. The colors are ivory, pale mint, deep emerald and dark greenish gray.
Tip: The colors have the tendency to dust a little so I recommend doing the eyes before the rest of the face (as I always do so I never have problems with dust or glitter fall-out.) Furthermore I usually pat the colors on my lids with a dense eyeshadow brush rather than swiping them on to reduce dusting and to get a more intense colors finish. I apply the other colors from my crease upwards with a soft eyeshadow brush with a swiping motion though.

All in all I am quite liking the quad, especially the emerald color! Very pretty and fresh combo which is a bit unusual among Japanese brands (most greens lean towards golden/olive). Also good value for money as the retail is 1470 Yen incl. tax in Japan.


Ivo said...

Usually, I just walk pass the Fasio stand at local drugstore. But after reading your review on their new eyeshadow, you really make me want to try it.

Great swatch!

sizbelle said...

this seems to be a new shade among jap makeups.. really pretty on your eyes..

great to hear that fasio shows improvement on their quads maybe its time for me to try it out!

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I thought it's KATE eye shadow palette when I first saw it. I never try any makeup from Fasio so far, how's this quad compare to KATE? (I know it definitely cannot compare to my favorite Lunasol ^_^ )

ErynneC said...

Same here. I usually pass on this brand and go for others such as Kate and Majorlica Majorca instead. Hmmm...maybe I should reconsider now. The eye look you did using this palette looks gorgeous! =)

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