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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shills Natural Science BB Cream (Limited Edition)

Woot woot, Shills again =D Slowly finding my way through some of the things I got from them =D

I should have totally skipped this Natural Science BB Cream as I had allergic reactions to the other 2 versions I tried before but I was lured by that cute butterfly and flower design of the Limited Edition of this BB Cream (there is a regular more plain one available).

Even though Shills is a Taiwanese brand the box is printed in Korean. The box is definitely very pretty but the tube itself is more bland since it´s just made of aluminium with a paper sticker around it (which doesn´t stick too well on the tube!).
I got my Shills Natural Science BB Cream from Sasa for around 8 bucks which is a steal (this is a regular 50ml size, too!)

To my dismay I am allergic to this cream, too! Even though Shills stuff seems to be rather compatible with my skin the BB Cream doesn´t work at all.
At first my skin looked and felt great (as this is a rather lightweight BB Cream with sheer-medium coverage) but I noticed small itching patches appearing around my jaw-line and cheeks after about 30 minutes. I wore the cream for several days and it always started to itch shortly after application so I had to stop trying this out. My jaw still has parts that itch constantly after wearing this BB Cream yesterday =(

It´s really a pity as the Natural Science BB Cream is a great color match for me and gives a soft slightly glowy finish.
This has a soft fresh scent which doesn´t annoy me at all!

Overall nice stuff if you have fair skin and are not sensitive. Otherwise skip it!

Sasa says about this:
Shills Natural Science BB Cream (Limited Edition) is of high potency and fresh texture. It protects skin from harmful UV rays while providing intensive hydration. It contains micro-particles which conceal visible pores and conditions oily skin. Blended with various botanical ingredients, it enables dewy-looking skin.

How to use it:
Use as the last step of the daily skincare routine. It could be used as makeup base, concealer or foundation. Apply outward from the centre of face in circular motions. Reapply locally to imperfections. Follow with loose powder for optimal results.

Principal ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid—prevents the accumulation of melanin and the appearance of spots, maintains and optimal hydrophilic-lipophilic balance. Replenishes skin with nutrients for velvety-touching skin.
  • Bisabolol—protects and comforts skin, prevents pre-mature aging and leaves skin refines and dewy.
  • Yarrow Extract—anti-aging and anti-lines.
  • Vitamin E—protects skin from UV rays. Maintains youthful-looking skin.
Other ingredients: Vitamin B3, Long-lasting Moisturizing Factor, Melissa Extract, Veronica Officinalis, Lady's Mantle Extract, Primula Veris Extract, Peppermint Extract, Mellow Extract"


Musing on Beauty said...

I recently got a product by Helena RUbinstein called Color to Mix. It's a small tube of highly pigmented cream that you can add to any face cream product (foundation, moisturizer etc...) to darken it. It works great with BB creams too, and it is sold in light or dark. Maybe you should give that a try so you can use BB creams that you liked and that didn't have the right color for you?

Penelope said...

Ih no, it looked so promising! I have sensitive skin too, and have been looking for BB creams which won't irritate my skin. The finish of the shills BB cream looked great though, and the box looks so pretty!

Ivo said...

I bought both the LE and the normal version as I was lured by the pretty packaging too. As it has sheer coverage, I found it quite suitable to my olive-toned skin. One thing I dislike about this BB cream is its strong smell.

ErynneC said...

The packaging looks so pretty! Reminds me of L'occitane

Mari said...

I thought it was a l'occitane product at first.too bad about it makes irritates your skin though. some bb creams i've tried did the same as well:/

BeautyOnTheWay said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for about a year, and I love the way you review beauty stuff and also your eye makeup. Recently my best friend and I have created our own beauty blog, please feel free come to visit us! ^_^

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