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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kosé Nature & Co Three Butters Lip Balm & Three Butters Hand & Nail Care Balm (+ samples giveaway)

I didn´t know that Kosé made an eco-sort-of brand! I think either I was ignorant or the brand just launched recently =)

In my opinion most Japanese drugstore brands either sport a romantic-princessy (like Rose of Heaven or Shiseido Deluxe), plain-sporty (think the packaging for e.g. Juju products, PDC, Cosmetex) or kawaii image (think Tiffa or Happy Bath Day).
The natural and eco thing is something I didn´t see often so far so I was overly curious to test the Nature & Co line which just caught my eye with their pretty packaging when I found it on eBay (alphabeautyuk as usual). I ordered the Three Butters Lip Balm and the Three Butters Hand & Nail Care Balm along with a bunch of samples (check my sample giveaway at the bottom of the page!) to try out this luring (new?) brand. The seller listed more things, I think that´s pretty much most of the available items so I ordered more to try and review later on!

First off as I said the packaging is really pretty! The bottles and tubes are rather simple but come with cute labels with a vintage French feel (at least that´s the vibe I get). I think Kosé doesn´t claim this range to be all natural but the products contain certifieed eco ingredients which seems to get somewhat popular among Japanese customers in general (at least I read that somewhere).
Now flame me but in general all-natural super eco brands don´t work for me (and we get plenty of German and Austrian ones here!) so I am happy that the Kosé line just contains some good eco stuff and some conventional one which might make the formulas more balanced and pleasant to use in some products (as I personally find the all-eco formulas tend to be heavy or stinky or something) =P Anyway, that´s my opinion!
Price-wise the products are on the affordable side (between around US$6-20 on eBay). The line contains products for the face, body, hands and lips.

Three Butters Lip Balm:

This comes in a small jar and contains 5.8grams. The balm has a milky color and a sticky texture with a whitish glossy finish. It feels just like the Rose of Heaven lip balm from Kosé but without the heavy rose smell but a fresh herbal and slightly floral scent.
To me the balm feels really moisturizing and comfortable to wear but I only use it when I am staying in the house or at night before I sleep due to the milky color. Those who don´t like sticky glosses won´t really enjoy this balm though as it has a slightly sticky feeling thus it lasts pretty long.

All in all in this is a very decent lip balm which I enjoy very much. I might repurchase this as it´s really a great overnight treatment!
I paid US$6.95 for this item on eBay.

Three Butters Hand & Nail Care Balm:

This comes in a tiny 30ml tube (it only looks like aluminium but it´s a plastic squeeze-tube). It carries the same pleasant fresh herbal but also slightly floral scent as the lip balm and is a very rich and emollient cream.
It makes my hands soft and smooth and this feeling lasts for very long time, too!
The only drawback for me is the size as 30ml are used up pretty quickly (about a week for me as I like to use hand cream a few times a day!) however the price (less than US$6) is ok and the Hand & Nail Care Balm is really excellent in my opinion!

All in all I am pretty happy with both products and I am curious for the other things I ordered. This is definitely a nice cost-effective range worth to check out!

I took this description from Alphabeautyuk on eBay:

"Natural Ingredients:

Under strict examination of different natural plant essence, only healthy & high quality plants born under natural in an organic way are selected for this "Nature & Co" series, including Rosemary (Spain), Marigold Extract (English), olive oil (Spain), Sambucus Extract (Swiss), Cucumber (Japan), Red Flower Oil (Mexico), and Jojoba Oil (Mexico).

Fresh Natural Fragrance:

With a careful selection of 10 natural fragrance, blends of green grass & sweety fruit, it gives you an ever pleasant & harmony feel with aromatherphic performance. Everyday's skincare is just an enjoyment like living in natural garden.

Certificate of Organic Growth

Small samples giveaway:

As I mentioned I also ordered samples of the Hand & Nail Care Balm. If you want to try this stuff out yourself please comment on this post. I will give away 7 samples (small pamphlet with 3ml sample inside) so 7 randomly chosen commenters have the chance to try this product out.

I will choose the winners on Monday, April 12th at 3 PM (my time, that´s the Vienna-Zürich timezone) and announce them in a separate post. Please email me within 48 hours with your address (I ship worldwide) otherwise I will pick a new winner!


CherryColors said...

Seems interesting! I'd like to enter the sample giveaway.

Kyanvi L said...

oh... seems i am the 1st one to comment. lol
well, i haven't heard of this brand yet, so i really would like to try out.

maashi said...

Hi Kathi, I'm normally a silent reader of your blog, but just want to say it's awesome and you've inspired me into the world of Japanese and Korean cosmetics. Keep up the good work :D Would love a hand cream sample... I always need hand cream!

ErynneC said...

First to comment! Yay! =)

Hmm...haven't tried this before. Sounds pretty inexpensive products. I should give it a go. =)

Tea2Tu said...

Hello ^_^,

I wonder if this will be sold on sasa? But I have to start working, no money left >.<

i would love to try the hand & nail palm. hehe

Joanna said...

I'm interested! ^___^

Laura L said...

this line have not yet hit my local drugstore, but the skincare line seeme quite promising. I'm interested to get the trial pack in near future once my skincare hit the bottom of its bottle (soon)

myolie said...

would love to try the samples.please enter me too. ^ ^

joyce said...

saw the nature & co advertisement on tv.
and found the products @ Watson.

so expensive :(

Miffy said...

Thank you for having this giveaway! I love anything that says natural/nature XD

Unknown said...

Hi Kathi your reviews are enticing. . . .I'd like to enter this giveaway plase. Thanks!:-)

celinity said...

I am always for eco-friendly products. will like to try the hand cream sample :)


Pamela said...

Interesting line! I'd like to try this brand out!

verlyn said...

hi hope i'll be able to try this new hand cream as i love trying new stuff (:

❤ Jinny said...

the brand seems interesting!
would love to try a sample, please enter me as well. :3

eckness said...

Hi =) love your blog as it helps a lot with finding the right makeup for my pale, pale skin tone.

pale people for the win!

ps free samples <3

Valerie said...

hi kathi! i'd love to try the hand cream. :)

Kate~ said...

I'm interested in it!! *)

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to try out this product. :)

mandy said...

does the hand & nail care balm leave a greasy feeling? they sound really nice. i'd like to enter the sample giveaway :]

lilmizzruby said...

i would like to enter for the giveaway...thanks!

Unknown said...

count me in!please:)

J said...

Wow, sounds good. Wouldn't mind trying the samples.

Isla said...

I would love to try it out, so please enter me in your sample giveaway! I hadn't noticed this sub-brand of Kose either!

Amy said...

Please enter me into the giveaway. I would love to try the products!

galpal.hi said...

This product sounds interesting. I'm constantly using hand and body butters, lotions and creams. I also like the sound of it being more "natural".


Dorami said...

Hi Kathi, would love to try the sample and of course look forward to receiving your cute packaging..hehe, I know as I bought from your blog before.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to enter the sample giveaway this stuff sound awesome!! : ) thanks~~

Precious Moments said...

Hi Kathi,
pls enter me to this giveaway! I'm would love to try this product. Thanks you!!!

Belinda said...

I would love to try kose hand cream! Thanks for the giveaway=)

estherfkim said...

Thanks for the review and the giveaways! Please enter me for any of them, as they all sound great to try out! :)

Stylista Fitness said...

Would love to try the lip balms :D

Exquizeet said...

Cool. I'd like to try a sample! The winners of giveaways always have funny and quirky comments. Maybe if I made a funny and quirky comment, I'd win.... let's see... something funny and quirky. I got nothing. Oh well. Good luck to all. And also, I'd like to say that your blog is amazing. I like to read your reviews on asian products.

Anonymous said...

This brand was realised in 2009.

La said...

I try the face&body Lotion,is like,AMAZING!
I have a really pale,sensitive,mist skin,when i try the lotion my skin look soooo fresh and moisturizing,like a new skin!Its just like a miracle for my skin!!!
I buy one for my mother too,she have a oilskin,and 53years old and she loveit!
Im crazy to try the Mask C,why dont you review this one?

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